Monday, October 22, 2007

Latest Coaching Program Update - 23 Expert Traffic Tactics

Stephen and the Smart Marketing Coaching Club team definitely deliver on their promises.

It seems like almost every week there's something extra for coaching club members and the latest is a series of webinars on creating FREE Traffic. That's right, none of that wasting time and money on Google paying for traffic that my other coaches encouraged me to do. We're talking using smart effective ways of finding people who want what we've got!

The goal is to get everyone up to getting a minimum of 100 unique visitors a day. I've already achieved that goal just using some of the Social Bookmarking techniques Stephen teaches and I still learned HEAPS from the very first webinar, let alone the other 2 he did last week.

Now Stephen had us promise not share the details so you're just going to get teased with the headlines. This list of 23 Expert Traffic Tactics wasn't covered in one session - each one of these is explored in detail, giving us a map of the whole process for each one plus examples and websites.

23 Expert Traffic Tactics
 Affiliate Traffic
 Article Traffic
 Banner Traffic
 Black Hat Traffic
 Blog Traffic
 Classified Ad Traffic
 CraigsList Traffic
 Directory Submission
 eBay Traffic
 eZine Traffic
 Facebook Traffic
 Forum Traffic
 Joint Venture Traffic
 Linking Traffic
 MySpace Traffic
 Podcast Traffic
 PPC Traffic
 Press Release Traffic
 Search Engine Traffic
 Social Networking Traffic
 Social Shopping Traffic
 Squidoo Traffic
 YouTube Traffic

Stephen said we'd be spending roughly 45 minutes on each one but we spent well over an hour, even an hour and a half on these.

We did 3 of these last week (one a day) and will be doing more next week when Stephen returns from overseas. He's just left Australia where he presented at Mal Emory's event and is now about to present at a Christopher Howard event in the UK.

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