Thursday, May 28, 2009

201 FREE Twitter Tools and Twitter Apps

Stephen Pierce's new freebie is simply Twitterrific!

Just click here to download “The Definitive Twitter Resource Guide!” and have at your fingertips instant access to 201 FREE Twitter Tools and Twitter Apps.

Definitive Twitter Resource Guide

This +100 page resource is jammed packed with 201 Twitter tools and Twitter Apps.

Some known, some unknown… ALL incredible! ALL YOURS… FREE!

Includes applications for Mac and Second Life.All you do is just click here to download and “The Definitive Twitter Resource Guide!” is yours.

Please ReTweet this post and share this guide with your followers on Twitter.

Did you know you can rebrand this pdf, give it away and make money? Well, yes you can! Simply click here to download the easy rebrand instructions so you can start giving away this report with your affiliate links and make money.

Friday, October 24, 2008

How This Successful Man Meets His Goals - NEW RELEASE Freebie

"Most people know how to start stuff but very few people know how to complete stuff." Stephen Pierce Goal Get 'Em Report

Is this True for you too? It definitely is for me.

One way I've always found that really works is to find someone who is already getting the results you want and then do what they do. They've already done 90% of the work in figuring out what actions get the result! In NLP they call this "Modelling".

In Stephen Pierce's brand new "Goal Get 'Em Report" you'll get to model Stephen Pierce's own strategy that has led him to reach the levels of success 99.9% of us only dream about.

"All of us are going to be challenged, and like I tell people, the only people that aren’t challenged are stuck or are people who aren’t really doing anything. So to be challenged or to even to be stuck someplace means that you’re looking to make progress and that you’re moving forward." (page 4 - "Goal Get 'Em Report")

Stephen shares his 7 steps in such a way that it's so beautifully simple even the average high school kid can follow it and start achieving their goals too.

So go check out this free 13 page report for yourself today & start doing what works!

Goal Get 'Em Report

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Successful People Think

Here's a powerful new FRE.E 60 minute motivational audio from Stephen Pierce.

"You can't change what's in your hand UNTIL you change what's in your Mind"

In this powerful 60 minute audio, you'll discover
* Poor Person's Thinking
* How to Change Your Old Thinking Patterns
* What Successful People Think

"Mind is the cause, Money is the effect"

This is taken from a live seminar in Dallas TX last month.

The impact it has had on those who heard
it there has been so incredible Stephen decided
to make sure you have a copy of it.

Stephen simply calls this audio:

"This Will Change Your Life!"

Make sure any and everyone you care about
that desires unlimited success, listens to
this audio.

If you run a company, make sure all of your
managers and employees listen to this.

If you run a sales team, make sure each of
your salespeople listen to this.

If you are a partner in a business, make
sure your partners listen to this.

If you are in network marketing, make sure
both your downline and upline listens to

If you care about anyone... make sure those
you care about listen to this.

Now let's begin...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

30 Day Challenge - Pre Season review

Ed Dale's 30 Day Challenge is now in it's 4th year - if you haven't heard about this yet the 30 Day Challenge is about making your first $1 online and building a foundation to make a living online. And it's free, yes, really it is free. You can join anytime at

The 60 Day Pre-Season started June 1 and you can watch the live video at at 8pm Eastern time or the recordings can be found on YouTube. You can even watch it on AppleTV, iPod, iPhone.

You can watch the Day 1 Preseason video here (41:15)

Ed says what's different now is that we now to focus on teams when the 30 Day Challenge starts on 1 August.

The focus initially in the Pre-Season is on choosing the right web browser and using Twitter.

Choice of Web browser is very important - they were using Firefox last year but now changed back to Flock "An amazing browser" says Ed Dale.

"Twitter is the most important thing to happen to marketing in 2008" - Ed Dale

In the 30 Day Challenge we'll learn the right way to use Twitter to communicate with your marketplaces. (Sidenote: Ed's personal twitter is @Ed_Dale)

PS The first time I heard about the challenge was after it had already finished and I understand most people have done that so don't be shy, this is a great way to get started so go sign up now and get access to the 30 Day Challenge.

Monday, May 26, 2008

eBook website template

It's now incredibly simple to start selling your own ebooks online.

A few days ago I purchased John Thornhill's 90 Day Powerseller course which included a template to start your very own online store selling ebooks and other downloadable products.

After watching the 31 minute step-by-step Camtasia video, I feel confident that any newbie like me would be able to easily set up their own store. There are people on the forum who will help you if you use their hosting but I think it's pretty straightforward to do it yourself.

His professionally designed site has many features including:
  • Sell your own ebooks or John's (you choose the price)
  • Receive payment from PayPal
  • Clickbank links
  • Adsense revenue
  • Build a List - newsletter optin which links in with aweber
  • Audio eBook revenue (affiliate link)
If you're a newbie, you can feel confident in knowing you can easily change the theme with a simple click of a button to choose between a range of professional looking themes.

All I need to do now is choose a domain name and I'll have my on store set up online.

If you'd like to quickly and easily have your own online store too, I invite you to have a look at John Thornhill's 90 Day Powerseller program now.

PS In my last post I shared how John teaches how to create your own Physical products. Click here to read more

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How To Create Physical Products CD ROM

As a result of eBay changing their rules about ebooks and other downloadable products, a lot of gurus are now recommending creating a CD or DVD so you have a physical product to sell your customer.


There is the option of having your CD / DVD and artwork outsourced. Two publishing services that have been highly recommended are: - Complete online service to self publish. Upload your files ready for burning. Create your own covers. - Professional finish for high end products such as courses sold at seminars. Fulfillment service available.

Or... Do It Yourself?

However, yesterday I bought John Thornhill's 90 Day Powerseller course and one of things that most attracted me to it was that it helps you create physical products.

John Thornhill shares his own Step-by-Step process on converting downloadable products to physical products:
  1. 28 minute video on "How To Create Your Own Interactive CD"
  2. CD Rom template
  3. DVD & CD Covers
The CD Rom template alone is fantastic because it is so interactive. Rather than your customer just receiving a boring ordinary PDF file, the disk automatically runs, opening to reveal a professional presented page with this menu:
  1. Purchased product
  2. Bonus items - Free ebooks filled with affiliate links
  3. More ebooks - tempting the purchaser with Resale Rights ebooks John provides or replace these with your own
  4. Earn Money - make money from affiliates
  5. Support
This gives you 3 more ways for you to sell to your customer!

You can customise the sections to your own needs, replace the products with your own (as shown in the camtasia video) or simply use John Thornhill's systems.

This is just a small part of John Thornhill's 90 day program. I'll be posting more updates in the coming weeks.

Find out how you too can join his 90 Day Success Plan Start Here ....

PS In my next post I share what's included in John Thornhill's "Create Your Own Online Store" template. Click here to read more

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How To Be An Information Product Powerseller in 90 Days

For the past 3 years I've been wanting to make information products to sell online.

During that time I've gotten very good at reviewing offers internet marketing gurus make. I've often been disappointed because there's always been something missing. There are so many 'little things' things missing like building a website so people could buy from me or finding customers wanting to buy what I have to sell.

At last I've finally found the complete package.

John Thornhill is a full time marketer who really has got a complete system together that makes him a very substantial and regular income on near-auto pilot.

But here's the thing - He has documented everything he does, so that others may
duplicate it. That means you can copy exactly what he does and expect the
same results!

He is an eBay Powerseller of ebooks and information products and has successfully converted his business to respond to ebay's rule banning downloadable products but doesn't just rely on eBay (or other auction sites). (You can check these out at his eBay shop

He's now released his flagship product, "John Thornhill's Your Own Ebook Business" that shows:
  1. How to create your own products
  2. CD ROM templates so you can create physical products
  3. Private Label Rights to sell all the ebooks he sells
  4. Your own professional developed website that you can add your own products (This is NOT like the other eBook websites you may have seen where the seller takes a percentage of your earnings)
  5. 1000's of ebay Auction templates
  6. Ongoing support personally from John
  7. Private Forum
"I was excited to discover not only a great looking eBook website and 100s of eBooks at my disposal, but also an amazing private forum." ".... Loads of people offering advice and tips - perfect for someone that felt a total newbie and didn't know what the heck she was doing."

"He was always there, answering questions, giving tips and even asking questions himself and asking for help. That's one of the many reasons why I had and still have total respect for him - I never got the impression that he was `keeping anything to himself'. Everything was laid bare - he would tell us exactly how he did things, discuss ideas or half ideas he had, ask us questions about our on-line problems, try to solve them - and even told us about any blunders or `cock-ups' he'd made. He was, and still is, totally approachable and always willing to help with anything you may ask him." (Just part of one of the testimonials)

Please do check out his offer and study carefully what John is making available. This has to be one of the best value programs I've seen.

He has the system so perfected there is no part of it left to chance...

Don't delay though, John has to keep adding to the price as he includes monthly additions to further your profits, and they do incur costs and increase the benefits and potential to all members.

Click here to go to
"John Thornhill's Your Own Ebook Business"

PS Just in case you're wondering... Yes, this blog is about Stephen Pierce and I truly have found Stephen to be the best mentor I've found. He's exceptional when it comes to strategy and big picture stuff. He's also been the only person whose coaching program showed me how to create a website (blog) and how to create lots of traffic (without having to buy it) but what I want right now is a step-by-step system, templates etc for building my own information product business.

What has drawn me to John Thornhill's program is that it's such incredibly good value and just the systems, templates and website alone will save me HUGE amounts of time creating all this from scratch.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Zemanta - The Cure for a Blogger's Blocked Mind

In Stephen Pierce's latest DTAlpha audio, he suggested 7 great tools for bloggers. My favorite so far has to be Zemanta.

"Have your browser understand what you are blogging about and suggest pictures, links, articles and tags to make your posts more vibrant. We are making blogging fun again."

I've just tested out the Zemanta blogging tool which I have to see is very handy. While writing a post for a different site it came up with:
  • Pictures to inspire
  • Articles for content suggestion
  • Links to insert into the post (eg as shown above with "Zemanta")
  • Suggested tags
It definitely makes writing a post a lot quicker and easier!

It's very user friendly, I just downloaded the tool from, restarted my browser (Firefox) and 30 seconds later I was trying it out. Couldn't be any easier!

Zemanta offers a plugin for Firefox that recognizes when people are editing a Wordpress, Blogger, or TypePad blogpost. On these platforms Zemanta then adds a few features to the interface, enabling people to easily add images, articles, links and tags to their blog post just by clicking the suggestions made by

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Find Out How Much Your Website Is Worth

If you are looking to buy or sell a website you'll want to know what it's worth.

A very 'rough' way of valuing a site is using a website value calculator at .

It computes for the value based on Google and Alexa ranks and backlinks. Remember, it only serves as a guide. It does not cover other aspects of valuation.


Earnings Report for
The following report outlines traffic levels received by the submitted URL, overviews sources of potential income, and proposes a resale value of the site based on these factors.

Alexa Traffic Ranking The site's Alexa Rank = 1,462

PageRank The site's Google Page Rank = 4

Backlink Report

* Yahoo: 121000
* Altavista: 50100
* All the Web: 49900

Average of 7,371 backlinks.

Your site is valued at: $841,653

Monthly Earning Potential

* Text Link Advertising
Your site could sell text link advertisements at a rate of approximately $1,190.15/Link/Month.

If you sell eight links, you could earn approximately $9,521.2/Month selling text links on your site.

Check here for a review of Text Link Ads, currently the best way to sell text links from your website, or click here to give them a try!

* Affiliate Marketing
Your site could earn approximately $9,917.92/Month through affiliate marketing.

Check here for a guide to starting to work with affiliate programs, including what they are, and how to insert advertisements into your own site.

* Independent Advertising
Your site could earn approximately $3,940.14/Month through independent advertising arrangements specific to your site's niche. Take a look around to see if there are any companies which could benefit from advertising on your website.

For example, if you run a website about golf in Tampa, Florida, perhaps it would be a good idea to call a few of the local courses and see if they would like to purchase advertising, or a review on your site.

Google and PageRank are trademarks of Google Inc. This website is not affiliated with or endorsed by Google Inc.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Free Viral Marketing Tool - Butterfly Reports - Mike Filsaime

I'm so excited!! If you've been wanting to take your project viral but have been on a tight budget, you're going to love this!

Check out this new offer from Mike Filsaime. I am signed up to so many lists that I get bombarded with emails and offers and I tend to get very jaded but I'm blown away by this latest offer from Mike Filsaime.

"Mike Filsaime here...

Rod Beckwith and I have been working
on a project now for over 1 year...

It went live today in BETA, and it
is sure to take Viral Marketing and
List Building to a new level for you,
me, and every Internet Marketer.

And... It is f.ree to use.

Since it is in Beta, you get to join,
and try to break it, and offer feedback,
and use it before anyone else before it
explodes and goes main stream.

(From what I can see so far, it is running

If you want to become and Beta User like
and also become a Charter and Founding
member, just join today.

What is it?

It is way to much to explain in this email,
but it has to do with.

- Using Free Reports to build a list.

- Branding the reports with your ClickBank
affiliate Links

- Making money by giving away reports.

- Or even making your own reports to drive
traffic to your site.


You can find out more by watching the great
VIDEO on the site.


Mike Filsaime

PS - If you share the site, you can make
commissions as our upgrade options are
converting over 7.5% (That is huge)

Get involved and go here...

If you're skeptical, I don't blame you, here you might want to check out this free report I got when I signed up which tells you all about viral marketing - it's a really good read. Plus it also shows how Butterfly Reports actually works! Right click here to download the report.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Instant Traffic Expert System Review

So many of us have been eagerly waiting for months for Stephen Pierce's brand new program, Instant Traffic Expert System.

This is the most comprehensive & up to date program for creating Traffic. I was fortunate to participate when Stephen was creating this program & I know what exceptional value it is! There are 21 different free traffic generation strategies:

Blog Traffic
Directory Traffic
Forum Traffic
Article Traffic
Joint Venture Traffic
MySpace Traffic
eZine Traffic
Pay-Per-Click Traffic
Classified Traffic
Squidoo Traffic
Search Engine Traffic
Banner Traffic
Craigslist Traffic
eBay Traffic
Facebook Traffic
Social Network Traffic
Podcasting Traffic
Social Shopping Traffic
YouTube Traffic
Link Traffic
Press Release Traffic

Stephen goes into such detail for each strategy with so many tips and ideas that it's almost overwhelming.

As a newbie, I personally used just 2 of these 21 Instant Traffic strategies shown and in just a few short weeks I had a phenomenal jump in my statistics. Suddenly, I was getting over 200 visitors every day to my brand new blog. A friend of mine, Bryan, was also using the same two strategies as me and he got much better results, he had over 6,000 visitors in 1 day to his gaming site!

Imagine no longer having to spend huge sums of money on Adsense to get traffic to your site.

The Right Traffic, Right Now

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Free tickets to Unlimited Power - Sydney, Brisbane Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide

Wow, 2 whole days of world class speakers for free! If your motivation needs a boost or you're interesting in picking up some great tips, meeting lots of new friends & having fun for 2 days then you'll want to go to Tony Robbins' Unlimited Power.

I met so many wonderful people in a relatively small environment - there were about 200 people at the Brisbane event that finished yesterday (it's continuing in other capitals this week or book in now for late May). Plus because of the small environment, I got to rub shoulders with the speakers!

Joe Williams, Tony's #1 Head Trainer was brilliant as usual and got me fired up and inspired. I had a very significant breakthrough on a limiting belief which that alone was worth taking 2 days out of the office.

Scott Harris, one of Tony's top trainers, kept the room rockin' with his high energy and shared some cool new tools for authentic communication which was very enlightening.

What's the catch?
Well, part of the day is used for sales pitches for share trading, options (Justin Beeton), emini's (Traders International), business building (Dr Marc Dussault) and internet marketing (Stephen Pierce) and ebooks (Andrew & Daryl Grant). If you're in sales, it great to see how these leaders sell.

Congratulations! Stephen obviously believes you have the potential to achieve great success and happiness in your life! This transformational event has a usual admission fee of $995¦ Your complimentary ticket has a value that cannot be measured - the potential benefits to your life are Unlimited!

A ticket to Unlimited Power is worth $995, but you can attend at no charge! Click here for your free ticket. Book in now for May or if you're really fast, you can see the event in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide next week (early March).

PLUS: If you provide 3 referrals you will receive a program of TONY ROBBINS E-SEMINARS WORTH $1,000*

Monday, January 7, 2008

DT Alpha - Armand Morin Follow Me Video (Free)

I'm shaking my head in disbelief.

I can't get over how much PRACTICAL & POWERFUL content can be delivered so quickly and easily.

Wow, Armand Morin's Follow Me First video is fantastic! In just 23 minutes he shows how to get yourself set up and ready to make cash in hardly any time at all!

First of all Armand shows us how to get a great domain name.

Next he shows an incredibly fast and simple way to set up a blog. And even more importantly, he shows why having a blog is so valuable.

His third step is to FIND NEW products to promote.

And his final step is HOW to promote the product.

I can't get over how quick and easy it is. I followed his steps and had duplicated what he did (with a different product on my existing blog) in just 20 minutes! Want to see what I did? Click here

I am so looking forward to seeing more DTAlpha Follow Me First videos.

Click here to watch the 23 minute video:

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hear Newbie Rosanne Talk on Making $12,000 in 3 Weeks

Have I told you about a newbie, Rosanne?

Rosanne made $12,000 in 3 weeks and has been a great inspiration to us all.

A dear friend of hers has MS and cystic fibrosis and Rosanne wanted to help ease their money stress so that was her motivation. She did it without a website, just by using one of the techniques Stephen teaches. Now she's frequently making $1,000 a day. Rosanne recently shared her story (without giving away any of her secrets) to our Mastermind group and they were asking her questions for ages!

You can even download our Mastermind group recording - Rosanne talks for the last 20 minutes or so before we crashed the server and the recording is cut off. :)

Choose the Free download option.

Newbie Student of Stephen's Makes $1,000 in 12 days

I love sharing these success stories! I haven't met Gene yet but I so love hearing these success stories.

Miracle Happens!

I was so tired of not earning money from the internet, that i decided to jump on the first affiliate program that came my way.

It was on the 8th of November i signed up as affiliate for an options trading program and within 1 day i got 1 sale (USD$87 per month, recurring), on the 15th and 19th, i got another 2 sale of USD$87! (recurring)

And on the 20th, someone paid for the yearly subscription (so i bagged an additional ~USD$864 for my 4th sale - yearly recurring). Though recently someone asked for refund, I'm left with 3 sale again, but I made in total > USD$1000 in less than 12 days.

I am so grateful to be working with Stephen and the rest of Alpha Leaders in UYMG KL in October, immersing myself with the other successful internet marketers from various background has helped me realize and believe beyond doubt that it is very possible to achieve financial freedom through internet marketing."

Gene Kok
~ Options Trading Expert

Are You Looking To Change Your Strategy for 2008?

I guess because I see so much of Stephen's content my eyes kinda glazed over when I originally read "3 Ways To Whack Your Business Into Profitable Shape". The audio came out earlier this week and the title didn't grab me when I first saw it. I gotta say, I should know better than to judge a book by it's cover. When I started listening I was wowed. Possibly because it's the time of year when I'm starting to look back and review what's worked, what hasn't and what I want more of.

Are you looking to get better results in 2008?

If you're looking for a new strategy this is definitely something you want to listen to. It's going to trigger so many ideas for you.

Stephen is going to take you through an approach where instead of having your business set up as Copycat / Me too business or a Competitor type approach, you can really stand out from the crowd and have your own unique approach to your market. Stephen always talks about choosing a market you can win in and now he gives you a practical tools for finding how you can win in your chosen market.

One idea that was triggered for Nikhil (another student of Stephen's) increased his business by $70,000 A MONTH!!!

I'm sharing this with you out of order but I didn't want you to miss this. This has to be the most powerful audio yet I've heard on DTAlpha. ...

Click HERE to listen to this powerful 13 minute audio.

The Difference Between Making a Little Money & A Lot of Money

Do you want to know how to easily capture more sales and realize more profits from the same effort?

Wouldn't it be great to growing business from three figures a year to six figures a year?

"Never ever allow the buyer to outlast your sales process" - Stephen Pierce

On the latest DT Alpha TalkBack freebie for you guys, Stephen shares how to:

- Create a euphoric experience for buyers.

- Take clients from Action momentum - eg fill out a survey, request download to Buyer momentum

Listen to this free 9 minute audio by clicking here.

PS This audio flowed on beautifully from a 2 hour webinar that Stephen ran for his smart marketing coaching club students immediately prior to recording this free message on DT Alpha. If you thought those 9 minutes were great, just imagine what 2 hours is like! (And we've got another 2 hours with Stephen in a few hours - If you want to know what his coaching program is like, have a read of some of my early posts)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

DTAlpha - TalkBack Strategy Versus Planning Explored

In Stephen's latest edition of TalkBack, he continues exploring Strategy Vs Planning.

“The plans that bind are the plans that blind.”

"Sometimes the plans we have can blind us to coming market transitions. And the meaning is often times the difference between winning and whining.

Get the full story in today’s DTAlpha TalkBack Blog by listening to this 13min and 59 second audio."

Stephen starts with a powerful analogy of a person being so in love with another that they make their love their whole world. You might have been there yourself, I certainly have where their friends are your friends, you do everything together. Then the relationship is over and you have nothing.

Businesses do this too. They get so in love with a plan, they aren't noticing things changing. Think of the businesses that are no longer around...

Is your plan (or even your strategy) based on something that has changed?

Go have a listen to this audio now
- this is great information that Stephen is making freely available and he's personally replying to comments!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stephen Pierce DTAlpha - Strategy vs Planning

Recently I hinted that there's a brand new development from Stephen Pierce called DT Alpha. I'm lucky to be part of the beta testing and it looks great!

There's part that you're able to see and that's the new TalkBack.

In this topic Stephen talks about Strategy versus Planning.

"The old saying of “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is
not entirely true anymore.

Today’s marketing strategies require a different foundational
perspective. One that I’ll share with you in today’s TalkBack.

Click the play button below and listen to today’s TalkBack that
runs a short 5 minutes and 47 seconds."

So check it out for yourself... DT Alpha TalkBack

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Feeling Frustrated?

I'm 7 pages into one of Stephen's ebooks, Paradigm, it's only $14.97 as a once only offer with Stephen's Optimindzation program. It's blowing me away it's so good and just perfect for where I am at right now. I've been so frustrated at times thinking I'm doing all the right things, why aren't I seeing results yet?

I am reading this ebook of Stephen's at the perfect time (there's an audio too but I'm in too much of a rush to listen to that). It's giving me a great insight into the shifts between where I am now and where I want to be.

Have you ever felt so frustrated you just wanted to know what the next step was? Just some clue to show you you're on the right path?

Stephen says he'd already made the decision to turn his life around & things still weren't going to plan. He had a vinyl repair business and tells how on his last day he had a job fixing a dentist's chair. Here's part of the story in Stephen's own words...

"I take this small little hole that should've only taken me 30-45 minutes to fix,
and I massacred the entire chair. I just screwed this thing up so bad. What I
did was, on my lunch break, I shut the door. I left. I left all the equipment
there and said, "Let this guy figure how to fix it.""

Man, I can so relate to this. I cringed reading this story. I pride myself on doing great work yet I know there've been times when I have been exactly where Stephen is. I'm so tired of working hard. Today I've worked 14 hours and I'm so tired my head is nodding while I'm writing this but I didn't want to forget how I'm feeling right now which is why I'm taking the time to write this right now. I am spending hours doing things and not feeling like I'm getting anywhere.

It's so encourging to read that Stephen has felt this way too. I actually thought that I shouldn't feel this way right now, that if you truly made a change that there would be some switch flipped and you'd never feel that way.

Well, like I said I'm only 7 pages in so I'm going to keep reading until my eyes won't stay open any longer & then I'll let my subconscious mind work on it.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Stephen Pierce Over-Delivers Once Again

Once again, Stephen Pierce, over delivers on his promise to help his Coaching Club students.

There are 5 webinars coming up starting December 18 thru to 21st December on Free Traffic Generation strategies. I'm not going to publish the link here because this is exclusively for Stephen Pierce students but here's just a taste of what to expect:

On these webinars Stephen will reveal in a series worth $4,997.00 how to:

1. How to find winning postions in markets

2. How to create products people will

3. Top 11 tactics for increasing sales

4. How to jump start your success engine

5. How to build million dollar partnerships


I love Stephen's program but I have to admit that the live support service is probably the weakest part of their whole service. Sometimes tickets take a while to be answered and I've found it's much easier & quicker to go straight to the forum.

However, starting from January, 2 of Stephen's great support people, Laura and Jennifer will be available LIVE for 3 hours on Mondays via the webinar service to answer questions! Now, isn't that a great idea?

"Yes that's right every Monday chat with me in our webinar room to ask your SMCC questions. Jennifer and I will be there every Monday from 9am-Noon (Michigan/USA) to answer any questions you have. We will start on January 7th."


* DTAlpha - a high tech way of delivering info (in Beta testing now) check it out at

* Dates for 2008 Q & A calls have just been released

* The next UYMG in Sydney dates are set for March 14,15,16

Alpha Leaders & Mastermind

The Brisbane Mastermind group met last night and again it was such a great evening.

One of the great shares last night was from Roseanne who doesn't let not having a pretty site hold her back - she's made $12,000 in 3 weeks and $900 alone just on Monday! So Roseanne is our hero.

We've got a great group in Brisbane. Why, just out of the Brisbane / Gold Coast mastermind group alone we had 4 Alpha Leaders - Kerri (me), Tim, Bryan and Janet.

We showed the Alpha Leader videos and now it looks there are a lot more people keen to be an Alpha Leader.

To be an Alpha Leader, be ready to have lots of fun & get loud!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Alpha Leadership Video

So many people have been wanting to know about Stephen Pierce's Alpha Leadership so I thought I'd share what other Alpha Leaders have to say. This is Veit who was also an Alpha Leader in KL, Malaysia in September.

The next UYMG in Australia is in March 14,15,16 in Sydney.

Here are more pics and info:

Sern Yi's: (Alpha Leader captain in Malaysia)

Bryan Stephens

This is what Stephen Pierce said on Bryan's blog:

You are an AMAZING leader my friend. I am so honored to have you as part of my team. I hope you join us at UYMG Australia March 14,15,16 2008! We can only continue to improve this event and with you there I’m sure we’ll help all the participants to see amazing results.

Keep up the good work, keep in touch and I look forward to seeing you in 2008. We’re looking for amazing things from you! (no pressure) = )"

Bryan replied:

"Wow. I certainly was not expecting the comments mentioned above, and yet I should have.

You see, I did mention that Stephen and Alicia are “amazing, genuine and awesome people” in the post above and they have showed that again within their comments.

The attitude that Stephen and Alicia display then rubs off onto the Alpha leaders which in turn rubs off onto other SMCC members. I feel that this was evident in the comments above.

So thanks very much everyone for your kind words. :)"

I echo Bryan's sentiments, so much so that when Stephen was back here presenting in my home town of Brisbane I enthusiastically encouraged the people I know to sign up for Stephen's coaching program. As you might have seen from my earliest posts, Stephen is by far the best coach I've found.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Were You At UYMG Sydney?

Maybe you'll remember me because Stephen was yelling out my name right before the end... "Kerri!" I'm Stephen's Alpha Leadership captain and it was my honor and privilege to be able to help at Unleash Your Marketing Genius. (This pic was taken just taken just a short time ago tonight at Tony Robbins' Unlimited Power event in Brisbane.)

I can't get over how massively life has changed in such a short time. Can you believe I was practically a newbie when I started in August and in just a matter of months I was invited to be Leadership captain?! Really, if I can do it, anyone with enough enthusiasm & willingness to take action can do exactly the same too.

Can I Ask You A Favor?

I'm looking for pictures and tips from Stephen Pierce's UYMG Sydney event.

I was running around and didn't get to take notes or photos so I would love it if you shared yours!

Would you please give your best tip you got from UYMG? And how you're going to use it?

I'd love to hear from you!


PS If you have a pic from the event, please leave your comment and I'll email you personally because I really would love to see pics and video from the event. Or if you're tech savvy, you could you tube it or put it on your own blog!

PS 2 - Especially let me know if you're in SE Queensland because we have a brilliant Masterming Group.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Wow, 50 More Seats at UYMG!

Hi guys

Did you see the email that there's now 50 more seats for UYMG?

Wow, that is so great because I felt bad for those people who missed out.

Here's the email that just arrived:

Dear Kerri,

I was able to get 50 more seats at the UYMG Sydney event coming up this week November 23, 24, 25! Woo hoo!

Squeeze em in I said, so let's get you registered today so you can take part of the awesome UYMG Seminar, something you DON'T want to miss. 3 Days with Stephen Pierce and hands on materials, WOW. Register today at:

Go now and register for this unforgettable event in Sydney Australia,

-- Laura Remeselnik

Impulsive Profits

2232 South Main Street, #421
Ann Arbor, MI

Saturday, November 17, 2007

UYMG Sydney - Alpha Leaders

Alpha Leaders are a team of Stephen's students who have stood out as leaders.

I was honored to be chosen to be part of this group, especially given that I'm still really a newbie.

As part of Leadership we get our own Alpha Leadership Guide (76 pages jammed packed with gems). Look at these Leadership topics we're covering:

To Gain The Maximum Effectiveness In Your Business,
You Must Wear The Correct Hat

Management Personnel At All Levels
Have Building And Growth Responsibilities

You Can Double Your Income By
Refocusing And Restructuring Your Activities

Delegation Doesn’t Happen All At Once,
Nor Is It Always A 100% Thing
Don’t Let The Cost Of Hiring Staff Scare You…
If Done Right, It Won’t Be A Cost At All

How To Gain Two Extra Hours A Day

Your Most Valuable Asset
To Get The Most From Your Business And Life,

“We Have Met The Enemy,
And He Is Us” - Pogo

You Can Effectively Eliminate Your Competition
By Using Your Time More Efficiently

How To Shed Old, Unproductive Habits
And Adopt New And Better Ones

Identifying Your Time Wasters

How To Contact Your Clients
And Prospects At The Best Times
Action Guide


Wow, I can't believe how quickly UYMG Sydney booked out!

I know several very unhappy people who were away or didn't check their emails and within only 3 days all the available spots filled up. There were some people who had already booked their flights and accommodation expecting to get a ticket.

Just goes to show, it's not just being prepared, it's being in the right place at the right time.

I'm excited about this event - we get 3 days with Stephen and leaders in the internet community. What I value most are the people you meet and relationships built, the inspiration and ideas you come away with, these are priceless!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Affiliate Frustration Problem Solving

Wow, I am getting good at manifesting. I've got 3 potential solutions to one problem.

Yesterday I was brainstorming with my Mastermind group about lack of sales from my site. I'm really picky on what I'll recommend and I finally found an affiliate product that I'm happy to endorse. The ads have been up for over a week now but still no sales.

I'm getting plenty of traffic - over 200 visitors a day now but still not even 1 sale despite getting more and more revenue from adsense. (I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't even get paid for my own purchase through my own link - I thought maybe it was something to do with my cookies because my computer techie is really vigilant with my setup.)

I was frustrated. I was wondering if there could possibly be sales and I'm just not being credited for them? It's true! And I'm not the only one. We only had 5 people at our Mastermind group yesterday and 4 of them had experienced exactly this problem.

When I click on the final "order now' button and it takes me to the Click bank payment processor.

At this point in time Click bank should display my affiliate ID at the bottom, but it shows "affiliate ID=none" therefore I would not get any commission for this product.


Neil in our Mastermind group suggested I use Paypal's sandbox to test everything is working properly.

I'm off to try this now.


Contact the author and see if he either has a solution or offers his product through another affiliate program alternative to Clickbank like


Find another option. Give up on that particular product & find products where the affiliate link doesn't get cut off.

Funnily enough this morning I receive an email from Stephen's staff offering free training all about affiliate programs. Yes the cynical can say it's selling Stephen's programs but this is extremely valuable to me. It's so frustrating to spend lots of time and energy promoting products and then finding out there's a problem and you're not getting paid for (all) the sales.

Here's part of the email:

Now, here's a pre-lesson in affiliate marketing. This is a two-tier affiliate system. That means that you make money on direct sales of the product and you also make money from sales of those who sign up under you (1 level deep). So, in the spirit of rewarding our students, you will be signing up under a current student. This will be pre-assigned so please sign up at the link provided. The student you are signing up under will also be helping you through training.

I look forward to training you in affiliate marketing and working together to achieve success for all of us. As Stephen says "It's all of us or none of us!"

If you want to learn what I learn, click on this link and sign up as an affiliate:
Attraction Accelerator
(By the way, this is a product I'm very happy to endorse - it's really helped me make some big shifts in mindset.)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

UYMG Sydney - Nov 23-25

The eagerly awaited invitation only event, Unleash Your Marketing Genius (UYMG) in Sydney starts on Nov 23 and runs for 3 days.


Registration is $295 AUD (see below)

Once you register you'll only need to pay a registration fee to cover your workbook and materials (that our partner will print for you) and to reserve your seat. If you don't show up this is non-refundable. Hopefully this completely eliminate the big problem of people registering for events and not showing up. That would be unfair to the other members.

When you show up you'll be given back our registration fee in a very creative way! You'll also need to cover your internet connection - same cost as they charge in Australian hotels-which is $29.95 australia/day. There will be a hard wire to your laptop at your seat - just for you. So bring your laptop and get ready to plug in. Seats are really limited. Unfortunately with the internet issues we've been unable to really get a large room this time.

Please note that a once-only, upfront fee of just $295 will apply

This covers:

* The Seminar's Workbook
* Internet Connection for the event's full duration
* Technical Support
* Event Support
* Alpha Support Team – a hand-picked group who all have a thorough background in Stephen's program

But the best news is, you’ll also receive 2 x $100 Credit Vouchers that you can use towards the amazing internet marketing products available at the event.


If you want to be part of the Alpha Leadership team, get an extra day and a half of leadership training including some sessions with Stephen, send Laura an email and she'll let you know what you need to do.

Wednesday 21st November
1pm – 6pm

Thursday 22nd November
10am – 6pm

Monday, October 22, 2007

Latest Coaching Program Update - 23 Expert Traffic Tactics

Stephen and the Smart Marketing Coaching Club team definitely deliver on their promises.

It seems like almost every week there's something extra for coaching club members and the latest is a series of webinars on creating FREE Traffic. That's right, none of that wasting time and money on Google paying for traffic that my other coaches encouraged me to do. We're talking using smart effective ways of finding people who want what we've got!

The goal is to get everyone up to getting a minimum of 100 unique visitors a day. I've already achieved that goal just using some of the Social Bookmarking techniques Stephen teaches and I still learned HEAPS from the very first webinar, let alone the other 2 he did last week.

Now Stephen had us promise not share the details so you're just going to get teased with the headlines. This list of 23 Expert Traffic Tactics wasn't covered in one session - each one of these is explored in detail, giving us a map of the whole process for each one plus examples and websites.

23 Expert Traffic Tactics
 Affiliate Traffic
 Article Traffic
 Banner Traffic
 Black Hat Traffic
 Blog Traffic
 Classified Ad Traffic
 CraigsList Traffic
 Directory Submission
 eBay Traffic
 eZine Traffic
 Facebook Traffic
 Forum Traffic
 Joint Venture Traffic
 Linking Traffic
 MySpace Traffic
 Podcast Traffic
 PPC Traffic
 Press Release Traffic
 Search Engine Traffic
 Social Networking Traffic
 Social Shopping Traffic
 Squidoo Traffic
 YouTube Traffic

Stephen said we'd be spending roughly 45 minutes on each one but we spent well over an hour, even an hour and a half on these.

We did 3 of these last week (one a day) and will be doing more next week when Stephen returns from overseas. He's just left Australia where he presented at Mal Emory's event and is now about to present at a Christopher Howard event in the UK.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Want to hear Stephen Pierce Rap?

Do you want to hear Stephen Pierce Rap?

A month ago Stephen's wife Alicia teased us with "Here’s Throwback… Did you know Stephen Pierce used to be a Christian Rapper?"
- Alicia

Now I've got no idea if it's going to be good or if it's just going to be hilarious. Either way, it a must listen, isn't it?

Annie from SMCC has promised to post Stephen's rap songs up online but there's a catch:

"So here’s the deal: For every 100 comments I get on the blog, I will post ONE mp3."

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Momentum Mixx MP3's! (Freebie)

Stephen Pierce has more great new freebies for us! He has just released 5 new mp3s as part of his Momentum Mixx. These are music mixed with gems of personal development with a common theme of getting you to take action.

For the original 3 tracks that I highly recommend and listen to all the time, check out

All 5 of the NEW mp3s are yours to download now.

These songs are different like that hit song from 1999 called ‘Everybodys free (to wear Sunscreen)’. It was different because it was spoken not sung and was full of a litany of funny but practical advice set to music. I always remember the line: ‘Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults; if you succeed in doing this, tell me how.’

If you’re new to this type of music, I recommend that you start with Track #4 ‘You Can’t Be Willing If…

My review of Stephen Pierce’s 5 new Momentum Mixx tracks:

The first track, ‘The Question of You’ didn’t do it for me like the original tracks. It’s got a great rhythmic track, reminds me a bit of a salsa but I found Stephen’s voice over dominated the first part and it took me about a minute before I really got into it. It liked it a lot more after listening to it a few times.

Character Through the Process’ is more chilled by comparison and Stephen’s part flows beautifully.

Motion, Action, Forward Progress’ really fits ACTION. Add it to your exercise music.

You Can’t Be Willing If…’ had me moving to the beat. I kept waiting for Justin Timberlake to start singing but the words quickly drew me in. Brilliant content, getting into the subconscious with brilliant suggestions. This is my favorite track.

Your Why’ continues on beautifully from ‘You Can’t Be Willing If’ and keeps repeating the main message I’ve gotten from the marathon calls Stephen’s held over the last 4 days “You have to move people!”

I’ve listened to them all a few times now and I haven't made up my mind yet whether the original tracks were better or if that is just because I've listened to them so often. Either way I agree they have:

Powerful content...

Entertaining format...

Unique delivery...

You be the judge. Are these HOT... or not?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stephen Pierce Traffic Generation Showcase

In my last post I wrote that Bryan and I both received an email early yesterday morning from Stephen Pierce asking if he could showcase our Traffic Generation at UYMG currently on in Malaysia.

First of all, I have to thank Bryan for inviting me to be part of a small team focussing on social bookmarking. Bryan is a real star, getting 10 times more traffic than me! (6,000+ unique hits in one day and he started at the same time as me.) A big thank you to Aldian, Bryan, James and Raymond, without this group, I know I would not have learned as much as I have about social bookmarking and massively increased my traffic.

How Aldian gets Free Traffic
Aldian shares a case study he wrote about this free traffic, along with his traffic result.


I joined SMCC in Brisbane late June this year and have a few projects going, but I have been focusing on this month (I started this blog in August).

My dad, John, writes the posts for this blog but I have been doing the technical side of things for it and and the traffic strategies.

From the stats, you will see that most of the traffic was generated by stumbleupon.

The biggest day was on the 13th of September, where the number of visits was 6678 (most of these were unique). The traffic was so high that it actually made a page be listed on a day.

Most of the traffic on this day was from this article

The traffic in stumbleupon was not highly targeted traffic, but it did lead to several comments on the blog, one way links leading to the page, about 12 optins and 1 affiliate sale with rapid manifestation ($30.49). For the 1st few days the page did not have the sales links on it. Also there was no direct optin capture on the page.

I also used onlywire, digg and reddit for traffic generation. I believe that submitting to these social bookmarking sites helped the search engine rankings of the beatyourdepression site dramatically.

Aldian had organized a traffic generation strategy via SMCC forum, where I joined and participated. To start off with it was mostly Aldian, James, Raymond and me participating in the group, but now others are learning how to do it and reaping the benefits.

Whilst I have not received PRISE yet, stuck on route somewhere, I have been lucky enough to learn some tips from it via the Brisbane/Gold Coast mastermind group. I found that the permalink structure made a huge difference in rankings too, based on a runescape website that I am working on with my son. Working together in teams is very powerful. We can learn from each other, support each other and motivate each other. This is one of the reasons I joined the Stephen Pierce group and I am glad that I did.


Here's what I sent Stephen:


I joined SMCC and received my PRISE cd in late July and started my site almost 8 weeks ago on 5 August. My site is and follows the normal PRISE model with PPC in the sidebar and Clickbank affiliate products at the bottom.


Because things have happened so fast, here’s what I posted on 10th September on (A blog to chronicle my journey and experience with SMCC.)

Stats - week 5 First 10 days of September:
· 650 hits a day (average) vs 341 in August
· 37 visits a day (average) vs 27 in August
· people in 16 countries have visited my site
· my unique visitors total is now at 231 for the first 10 days of this month (September)
· 35% of visitors come from search engines and social bookmarking vs 1.1% in August

We’re only 10 days into September and my unique visitors total is almost the same as the 241 I had for August. Based on this I expect to at least triple the figures from last month, that is get to about 700 unique visitors for September. If I can keep tripling this figure every month, that would be awesome. That would mean 2,100 unique visitors in October, 6,300 in November and 18,900 in December. Momentum is what it's all about!

It’s funny to read that now! Have a look at the screen shots below taken this morning (Friday). My goal less than 3 weeks ago was to triple the number of unique visitors and it’s now at 9 times! I expect by the end of the month on Sunday, it will be 10 times! I’m excited to see what October will bring.

Stats Today – Almost 8 weeks since starting September average (to the 27th Sept):
· 2,586 hits a day (average) vs 341 in August
· 120 visits a day (average) vs 27 in August
· 42.7% of visitors come from search engines and social bookmarking vs 1.1% in August

How Much Traffic Is Enough?

I worked out that if I only maintain an average 100 visits a day and have 3% of people buy the affiliate product that pays $10.50, then the site will make me over US$11,000 a year.

If I increase traffic to 500 a day, this increases to over $57,000 a year.

Then, if I increase conversion by just 1% and introduce my own $19.95 product (or another affiliate product), it will bring in $145,000+ a year!


Initially I was writing comments on other people’s blogs and on forums. Now my strategy is:
1) write an article a day (unique content)
2) participate in our small social bookmarking mastermind group

Social Bookmarking Sites We Use:
* StumbleUpon
* Technorati
* Digg
* YouTube (I haven’t used this for my site yet)
* Reddit
* Netscape (Propeller)
* RSS feed (I haven’t used this yet)
* OnlyWire (I’m also experimenting with a brand new one called SocialMarker from Ed Dale which looks even better)

Now almost half of my traffic now comes from Social Bookmarking and most of that is from StumbleUpon.

Other Ideas I will be adding to my Traffic Generation strategy:
* YahooAnswers - answer questions and include link when appropriate (Bryan’s suggestion)
* Submitting articles –
* Facebook & MySpace

Stephen asked to showcase our traffic generation at Unleash Your Marketing Genius - KL, Malaysia Sept 2007

Stephen Pierce and his team are right now in the middle of Unleash Your Marketing Genius UYMG, an invitation only event, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Guess what?!! Yesterday Stephen emailled me and an awesome guy from our Mastermind group, Bryan and asked us to give him details of our traffic generation for him to share at UYMG. How awesome is that! (Just in case you're wondering if this is for real - have a look at the email we received.) What an honor!

I'll put up what I sent Stephen up here on the blog along with links to other members of our special Social bookmarking group.

There's no substitute for actually being at UYMG (other than going to the next one in Sydney Nov 23-25) but here are links to videos, pics and postings of what's happening:

And here's more info from the perspective of one of the Alpha Leadership team, Raymond

Monday, September 24, 2007

Week 7 Statistics - Goals massively exceeded!

To the right is a pic of my latests stats.

Remember just two weeks ago I said I wanted to get to 700 unique visitors for September? As at early on 24 Sept, they were a total of 1,625 unique visitors - more than double my goal!
Bryan in my Mastermind Group has completely blitzed that, he had over 6,000 visitors in 1 day(!!!) to his site

This is what I said in the Week 5 update:
"My unique visitors total is almost exactly what I had for August (26 days) and we're only 10 days into September. Based on this I expect to at least triple the figures from last month, that is get to about 700 unique visitors for September. If I can keep tripling this figure every month, that would be awesome. That would mean 2,100 unique visitors in October, 6,300 in November and 18,900 in December. Momentum is what it's all about!"

Stats - week 7 First 23 (and a bit) days of September:
  • 2,280 hits a day vs 650 hits a day 2 weeks ago vs 341 in August

  • 99 visits a day (average) vs 27 in August

  • my unique visitors total is now 1,625 vs 231 for the first 10 days of this month (September)

  • visitors coming from search engines and social bookmarking is continuing to grow and is now at 40.7% vs 35% earlier in the month and 1.1% in August

  • My unique visitors total is almost exactly what I had for August (26 days) and we're only 10 days into September. Based on this I expect to at least triple the figures from last month, that is get to about 700 unique visitors for September. If I can keep tripling this figure every month, that would be awesome. That would mean 2,100 unique visitors in October, 6,300 in November and 18,900 in December. Momentum is what it's all about!

Well, I well and truly exceeded my expectations!!

Setting my next goal: I want to average 200 visitors a day by the end of October (I'm halfway there) & have a list of at least 100 people (I've got less than 10 so far).
This means doubling the existing traffic. I'm doing this by modelling success. Members of my Mastermind group are easily achieving this so I know by just following what they're doing I'm going to get similar results. In fact, maybe my goal is too low? It will be interesting to see.
My list hasn't been my focus so now that driving traffic is becoming very familiar to me and is getting easier and faster, my next focus is on the list. I want to give the people who sign up for my list great value and I've been a bit lost on that. Well, until the wonderful Alicia Pierce kindly reviewed my site and gave me some tips. So over the next couple of weeks I'll be implementing those tips.
Please post your comment and let me know what you think.

Freebie video - Moolah Attraction Plan Moolah MAPs

I have got an extra special message for you. Mrs Alicia Pierce skyped me tonight from Malaysia to let me know about this freebie. (Stephen Pierce is in KL, Malaysia for his 4 day invitation only event, Unleash Your Marketing Genius.)

“Experience the Moolah Attraction Plan MAP
for Massive Cash Flow which can
make you repeatedly and infinitely profitable.”

This is a video recording of an awesome presentation focussing on strategy, it's not technical, these are absolute gems like what Stephen says that gets his JV partners wanting to provide audio testimonials & 100% signups for his affiliate program. Now I know why marketing legend, Jay Abraham, goes to Stephen Pierce.

I've heard Stephen's presentations several times now and I thought this recording would be good for people who aren't already students of his, I thought it would cover a lot of what I'd already heard. Maybe that's the reason, or maybe it's because it's been a big day but I did think the video started off a bit slow, the first 15 minutes of the video focus on why internet marketing is the best business to be in and relationships. But then it amps up and I was glued to the screen for the next 75 minutes. I know I'll definitely be watching this again.

At time 15:58 we start getting into the REAL juicy part, the maps Stephen and his team use when they launch a product. As a side benefit, we're also learning Stephen's mindset, "When you hear somebody making money, Celebrate. Celebrate it." It's not meant to be part of Stephen's presentation but because the crowd is quite reserved and not playing full out so that's a bonus to get that insight.

If you've got a product, you're definitely going to want to watch it Now Moolah Attraction Plan

This is a great video to watch if you already have products or plan to have products in the future. If you don't have product, then the first 59 minutes will still be valuable to you because you're going to get some fantastic tips.

What you are going to see:
  • Learn how to discover a hungry crowd - the 11 words for discovering a Moolah market (time 39:34 - 7 mins)
  • 4 Key Moolah Relationships™ for Raking In Cash. (time 46:55) Discover the key relationships that create targeted traffic and cash flow stability.
  • Pierce Accelerated Affiliate Sales Model (time 50:01)
  • 2 Things to Know About Building Moolah Relationships™ with your Market. (time 54:40)
  • 5 Tips to Building Joint Venture and Affiliate Relationships. (time 59:05)
  • 3 Steps for JV/Affiliate Attention and Retention. (time 01:02:52)
  • The 12 Step JV Ramp Up for a MoolahRollOut™. (time 01:05:05) I love the way Stephen gets audio testimonials, hear his script for how he pursuades people at 01:07:51 . He even shares how they actually did their rollout 01:12:07.
…and much more in these 90 jammed pack minutes of proven, practical and profitable marketing strategies straight from the marketing handbook of a multi-million dollar producer.

Don't miss out, I don't know how long this one will be available for f'ree
so click here to get it today====> Moolah Attraction Plan

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Week 5 statistics & Update to Coaching Program Review

Here's an update to my review of the Stephen Pierce coaching program. This update is on the numbers - how what I'm learning is actually working. Given that I'm still pretty much a newbie, I had some financial targets I wanted to achieve but I didn't have any clear goals initially on how much traffic I wanted to be generating. Now that I've been doing this for over a month now, I'm a bit clearer on my outcomes and I'm now focussing on the traffic numbers instead on the financial goals.

Right now the target is on increasing free traffic and then I'll tweak my sales processes to generate more income. At low traffic levels, it's difficult to see what difference changes have to the site.

The ways my blog generates income (so far):
1) adsense
2) clickbank advertising

In the future I'll also develop my own products but right now I need to know that I can win in my choosen niche.

It's now been just over 5 weeks since my site,, first went live (5th August). I went through Stephen Pierce's new addition to his coaching program, PRI$E, as you would have seen me mention previously. Since my last update, I've been busy writing articles and doing social bookmarking activities (technorati, stumbleupon, reddit, facebook etc). Right now I'm learning about RSS feeds.

I had a bit of a problem with the last step of the initial PRI$E training (the RSS feeds) which delayed me finishing but I am excited that I've almost finished the newbie part.

Stats - week 5
First 10 days of September:
  • 650 hits a day (average) vs 341 in August
  • 37 visits a day (average) vs 27 in August
  • people in 16 countries have visited my site
  • my unique visitors total is now at 231 for the first 10 days of this month (September)
  • 35% of visitors come from search engines and social bookmarking vs 1.1% in August

My unique visitors total is almost exactly what I had for August (26 days) and we're only 10 days into September. Based on this I expect to at least triple the figures from last month, that is get to about 700 unique visitors for September. If I can keep tripling this figure every month, that would be awesome. That would mean 2,100 unique visitors in October, 6,300 in November and 18,900 in December. Momentum is what it's all about!

The number of pages sending traffic to my site has decreased but given that links from external pages represents 1.1% of my current traffic (down from 4.1% in August), this will be something for me to work on soon. I also need to work on building my database too now that my traffic is growing.

At the moment, I'm working with a small focus group on our social bookmarking and so in a few weeks I expect I will be quite proficient in this area very soon. There's so much to learn!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

OptiMINDzation... Reformat Your Brain?

Lucky students of Stephen Pierce's coaching program have been given free access to volume 1 "Mental Maneuvers" of the OptiMINDzation series.

Honestly, my first impression was that I much prefer Attraction Accelerator and Attraction Activator, because of the music I find they are much easier to just pop on your ipod and tune out to. If I'm busy, I sometimes put the sound on really low and go to sleep listening to it.

Some of the other students wondered if there was something wrong because there's no music on this one, it's just the rapid beats. It sounds to me a bit like hearing a helicopter in the distance. One guy said it sounded like a old motorbike engine to him.

The information that comes with the audio helps. Here's what Stephen had to say which encouraged me to give it a go:

"This entire series of mental entrainment CD’s was created because of its
impact on my life, the fact that it’s proven and because it works… and you
don’t have to.

Rather funny, but true. The science behind the technology does all of the
work, all you have to do is push a button, close your eyes, listen and sit still
Yea, yea, yea… with all of the hyperactivity built up in most of us, sitting still
is like trying to move a mountain with our bare hands …they are both
seemingly impossible.

But I tell you what. If you take the time to sit still, you will be so reward and
so unbelievably enriched and more powerful that it will blow your mind.
You don’t even have to think positive. In fact you can personally believe it
doesn’t work, however if you use the CD’s daily you will be blown away by
how well it does work.

After trying it for a week, I wrote back to thank them for giving us free access to the first audio.

Here's what I wrote:

"Thanks Laura! I love Optimindzation - it reminds me of the Matrix movies when new skills are uploaded directly into the brain. I have been using Results Accelerator for a few weeks and I've told friends I feel like my brain is being reformatted. Yes, geeky term I know but I just can't think of any other way to describe it.

When I did an NLP course I really wished that I can just wipe out some patterns & limiting beliefs and maybe I'm delusional but I really feel that Optimindzation does do that. Hey, I don't mind - whatever gets results. "

The first month includes a free bonus Speed Reading audio course.

Click here to See for yourself what it's all about.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Freebie Coaching - The 30 Day Challenge (not Stephen Pierce)

For those who are interested in doing a free course...

Ed Dale's Free 30 Day Challenge is on again. They're up to Day 21 already so jump in fast

I highly recommend the 30 Day Challenge especially if you're just starting out or are on a very tight budget. I was first told about it last year by someone who was in the same coaching program as me - we couldn't believe that all this info was made available for free. In many ways it was as good as (and even better in some instances) than that course we were paying US$1,000 for! BTW, I won't say whose course that was (other than to say it wasn't Stephen Pierce) because he does walk his talk and was very generous in his time and feedback and it wouldn't be fair to criticize him just because some of us didn't get what we were hoping for out of the experience.

Back to the topic... WHAT IS THE THIRTY DAY CHALLENGE?In a nutshell... The Thirty Day Challenge is about making your first $10 online. For a full 30 days we are going to be showing you exactly how to start your own Internet business and generate your first income online without spending a dime. That's right, this is going to cost zip, diddly, nothing, nada, ziltch. The entire training program is free, and you won't have to spend a thing to get your business started and begin making money. No credit card required.

The 2007 Thirty Day Challenge has started so head on overto the training section inside the Members area (after you haveregistered) and get started.Ed also created quite a lot of content during the period leadingup to the start of the Challenge which introduces many of the tools we will be using. All of the Pre-Season content is summarized on the following blog post, check it out if you can:

If you've got a passion for internet marketing and want to take it to the next level, you might want to check out Stephen Pierce's coaching program - It's the best I've found.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Coaching Program Software - Driving Traffic to your site

Time to share about some of the great software we receive as part of the coaching program.

There are three main pieces of software I've used so far. Until last week I didn't even know about two of these, let alone realize how valuable they are when you want to create a REAL online business and not just a hobby. Now that I've used these, I don't know how I'd do without them!!

What am I talking about?

There's so much software that Stephen shares with us but for now I'm just focussing on getting started ie setting up your site and driving traffic to your site.

  • FTP software makes it super easy when setting up your site to upload features, plugins (ie programs, new features etc such as Spam protection against robots leaving comments on blogs) etc.
  • Smart Article Submitter allows you to write an article and submit it quickly and easily to as many article sites as you want (literally hundreds of article sites are preloaded & you can easily add more)
  • Smart Forum Promoter allows you to submit postings to many forums easily and fast. You now how normally it's slow and tedious to locate forums, login, follow a thread and then post? Smart Forum Promotor automates this process. Load your favourite 10, 100, 1,000 forums into Smart Forum Promoter, write your posts and it's as easy as clicking the paste button. You can even easily customize your message for individual forums!

Speaking of driving traffic to sites, I just received today an email with another bonus from SMCC and again I'm overwhelmed. It's a website of Stephen's with videos, ebooks and workbooks on different strategies for getting traffic. The videos are in categories and there's roughly about a dozen categories from the quick glance I gave it. I'm leaving it for now, there's just too much information and I'll come back to it later when I finish the PRI$E process.

Hi guys from the coaching program, thanks for your comments. I really appreciate you! It would be great to make this a resource for other people who are wondering whether SMCC is any good so please share what you think of the software.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My First Payment!

I am celebrating my very first internet marketing payment!

Yes, it's for a whole $5.99.

Two things I'm remembering as I celebrate:
  • celebrate like a little kid for at least 16 seconds, jump up and down, dance, yell, just do whatever you need to get it into your mind and body / tell the universe and God that this is what I want, I am thankful and I want to attract more of it
  • Stephen Pierce's "We Succeeded" mp3 talking about how the Wright brothers celebrated flight of 12 seconds

Bye for now, I'm off to continue to dancing to "We Succeeded" that I've got playing in the background.

PS While reading through other people's successes on the SMCC forum I see that Stephen asks people how are they feeling. I'm feeling light, energised, electricity is running through me, it's like I'm breathing more fully. It is a bit like a kid when the circus would come to town, that feeling of fun, joy, pleasure and anticipating - I'm not quite sure exactly what I'm going to be seeing next but I can't wait and I just know it's going to be GREAT!

I just got a glimpse of what it will feel like when I have reached my first financial goal... the way I feel about Cirque du Soleil - that feeling of almost being overwhelmed by the beauty & gratefulness that I have gotten to witness something so utterly magnificent.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Celebrating 2 weeks in coaching program - My Statistics so Far...

It's now been 15 days since I started this journey & 10 days since my site first went up.

As requested here are my stats - not sure if you can quite make them out but I've had over 5,000 hits & 364 visitors ( yes a bit over half of those are me working on my site) but I'm pretty thrilled that people are already finding my site without me doing any real active promotion yet.

I love these stats. Any real internet marketers please ignore this paragraph - I'm a newbie who gets excited over all aspects of success! Or you can have a listen to what Stephen Pierce talks about how the Wright Brothers at Kittyhawk celebrated even the smallest amount of success. (If you don't know what I'm talking about check out my previous posts about Momentum Mixx mp3s and the You Tube videos.) You just know I'm going to go crazy the first time I get a check, don't you!?!

Stats - 3 weeks

  • 5,000+ hits
  • 122 unique visitors without any active promotion (that's the step I'm currently working on)
  • people in 11 countries have been reading what I've written (and as you can tell, I love to write :)
  • is linked from 19 external pages! And from sites I don't even know about!!

I was so excited tonight, I was looking for organic blogs as part of my research and I was absolutely thrilled to see that my site has made it to the 2nd page of Google already (search "organic living + blog") Ok, I know that's a pretty defined search but hey, I'm celebrating the baby steps!

My main goal in time for next Thursday's Mastermind meeting is to come up with an idea to really get the word out there about my site... Some way for it to become viral and really take off and build my list. I want this to really take off so by Christmas I've hit my first milestone.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful feedback! How awesome to be featured on SMCC's blog Tanady, I'll keep coming back and posting my stats for all to see. I don't claim to be anything outstanding - I haven't spent much time on this during the week, lost my focus a bit but I'm determined not to be one of those people who will still be whinging weeks from now. I very much want to be one of the people that are so excited about what they're doing that they don't have time for complaining.

I've gotten a bit bogged down the last week on fiddling with my site, changing different aspects, adding plugins. A few days ago I didn't even know what a plug in was and now I'm finding myself going through the SMCC forum looking for everyone's great tips on which Plugins are most valuable for preventing Spam, robots etc as well as helping people who are looking for info on organics to find my site.

Enough sidetracking though! I'm going to finished Phase 4: Promotion of the new PRI$E system by my 3 week anniversary. That then just leaves me Phase 5: Cash Injection System and then I'm finished PRI$E.

From there, I'll go back into Stephen's normal course and go through those steps. There's something called SOP that I've heard several times but don't really know what that's all about yet.

Friday, August 10, 2007

SMCC Mastermind group - Gold Coast

Yesterday I got to meet with the Gold Coast members who have recently joined Stephen Pierce's coaching program too. I found out that I have been extremely lucky to have gotten the PRI$E system. They joined just a few weeks earlier than me and didn't receive it. Remember me mentioning that I had been frustrated with the delays but I felt that everything happened for a reason? Well, this is my proof.

By meeting with the others I got to share some ideas and a solution to a common problem we'd been experiencing AND I got so many ideas and tips from the others. They told me about solutions to problems that I hadn't even come across, saving me lots of time. (Thank you Karen Isitt, you are a treasure!)

What a valuable resource these meetings are. A place to share experiences and successes, get solutions to problems and brainstorm ideas.

To give an unbiased perspective of SMCC coaching, the biggest frustrations seem to be that it does take longer than the 30 minutes a day Stephen indicated and also getting support on problems. My take on this is that you spend a lot of time fiddling with the details but let's just get on with it, get it done and can always go back and perfect it later on. It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to work. The second point about support on problems is honestly that people get caught up in one thing not working and waste lots of time and energy when they can be putting their focus on something else. Stephen had a rant on this at one of his training sessions. I wrote a post about this earlier - if you can't do something, focus on what you can do. Stephen's talk went into detail about he'd get frustrated with students hung up on one little thing and let that stop them taking action. He said what about the other 100 things you could be doing.

Yes, support isn't always as quick as we'd like - it might take a day or three if it's a weekend but there's always other parts of the project that can be worked on in the meantime.

During the Mastermind group, I also found that there are great sites just within our own community.

I've been most impressed by Christine & Neil Robin's site
They also have lots of great free resources on their site for internet marketing and personal development. Check it out!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Day 7 - What has been achieved so far?

Considering I've been part of the coaching program a week and have been working for a just few hours here and there, I'm quite pleased with where I'm at so far. Especially when I compare it to the other coaching programs I've done.

I've now got a website with:
* clickbank feeds
* pay per click feeds
* articles being automatically loaded for the next 30 days

If you're interested in checking it out, I'd love feedback
Please note I am still in the process of setting up the autoresponder and newsletters. Organic living is something near and dear to me. This site is just a starting point so check back in the coming weeks to see how it's progressing.

By the way...
If like me you tried coaching before and months later still haven't even made $1, you might find Stephen Pierce's philosophy interesting... Unlike the others which seem to be focussing on creating a product to sell, Stephen focusses on the internet marketing side first. He says why would you spend all your time creating a product and then discover that you are having problems marketing to that niche? Rather, than that he gets us to check that we can first of all market someone else's product to the niche we've chosen and THEN if we choose to, then create a product.

The big advantage of this approach is that you're making money while you're learning!