Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Freebie Coaching - The 30 Day Challenge (not Stephen Pierce)

For those who are interested in doing a free course...

Ed Dale's Free 30 Day Challenge is on again. They're up to Day 21 already so jump in fast

I highly recommend the 30 Day Challenge especially if you're just starting out or are on a very tight budget. I was first told about it last year by someone who was in the same coaching program as me - we couldn't believe that all this info was made available for free. In many ways it was as good as (and even better in some instances) than that course we were paying US$1,000 for! BTW, I won't say whose course that was (other than to say it wasn't Stephen Pierce) because he does walk his talk and was very generous in his time and feedback and it wouldn't be fair to criticize him just because some of us didn't get what we were hoping for out of the experience.

Back to the topic... WHAT IS THE THIRTY DAY CHALLENGE?In a nutshell... The Thirty Day Challenge is about making your first $10 online. For a full 30 days we are going to be showing you exactly how to start your own Internet business and generate your first income online without spending a dime. That's right, this is going to cost zip, diddly, nothing, nada, ziltch. The entire training program is free, and you won't have to spend a thing to get your business started and begin making money. No credit card required.

The 2007 Thirty Day Challenge has started so head on overto the training section inside the Members area (after you haveregistered) and get started.Ed also created quite a lot of content during the period leadingup to the start of the Challenge which introduces many of the tools we will be using. All of the Pre-Season content is summarized on the following blog post, check it out if you can:

If you've got a passion for internet marketing and want to take it to the next level, you might want to check out Stephen Pierce's coaching program - It's the best I've found.

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