Monday, August 20, 2007

Coaching Program Software - Driving Traffic to your site

Time to share about some of the great software we receive as part of the coaching program.

There are three main pieces of software I've used so far. Until last week I didn't even know about two of these, let alone realize how valuable they are when you want to create a REAL online business and not just a hobby. Now that I've used these, I don't know how I'd do without them!!

What am I talking about?

There's so much software that Stephen shares with us but for now I'm just focussing on getting started ie setting up your site and driving traffic to your site.

  • FTP software makes it super easy when setting up your site to upload features, plugins (ie programs, new features etc such as Spam protection against robots leaving comments on blogs) etc.
  • Smart Article Submitter allows you to write an article and submit it quickly and easily to as many article sites as you want (literally hundreds of article sites are preloaded & you can easily add more)
  • Smart Forum Promoter allows you to submit postings to many forums easily and fast. You now how normally it's slow and tedious to locate forums, login, follow a thread and then post? Smart Forum Promotor automates this process. Load your favourite 10, 100, 1,000 forums into Smart Forum Promoter, write your posts and it's as easy as clicking the paste button. You can even easily customize your message for individual forums!

Speaking of driving traffic to sites, I just received today an email with another bonus from SMCC and again I'm overwhelmed. It's a website of Stephen's with videos, ebooks and workbooks on different strategies for getting traffic. The videos are in categories and there's roughly about a dozen categories from the quick glance I gave it. I'm leaving it for now, there's just too much information and I'll come back to it later when I finish the PRI$E process.

Hi guys from the coaching program, thanks for your comments. I really appreciate you! It would be great to make this a resource for other people who are wondering whether SMCC is any good so please share what you think of the software.

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