Sunday, August 19, 2007

My First Payment!

I am celebrating my very first internet marketing payment!

Yes, it's for a whole $5.99.

Two things I'm remembering as I celebrate:
  • celebrate like a little kid for at least 16 seconds, jump up and down, dance, yell, just do whatever you need to get it into your mind and body / tell the universe and God that this is what I want, I am thankful and I want to attract more of it
  • Stephen Pierce's "We Succeeded" mp3 talking about how the Wright brothers celebrated flight of 12 seconds

Bye for now, I'm off to continue to dancing to "We Succeeded" that I've got playing in the background.

PS While reading through other people's successes on the SMCC forum I see that Stephen asks people how are they feeling. I'm feeling light, energised, electricity is running through me, it's like I'm breathing more fully. It is a bit like a kid when the circus would come to town, that feeling of fun, joy, pleasure and anticipating - I'm not quite sure exactly what I'm going to be seeing next but I can't wait and I just know it's going to be GREAT!

I just got a glimpse of what it will feel like when I have reached my first financial goal... the way I feel about Cirque du Soleil - that feeling of almost being overwhelmed by the beauty & gratefulness that I have gotten to witness something so utterly magnificent.


Bryan said...

Congratulations. I am glad that you made your 1st sale. You have worked very hard and very much deserve it. :)

Raymond said...


Congratulation for your first success. There are more to come.

Gloria H said...

Fantastic Kerri,

Well done. Soon there'll be more 00000s after the $figures.

Keep it up.

To your success.


Brett said...



Golden Yogess said...

Hi Bryan, Raymond, Gloria and Tanady!

Thanks for your support. I really appreciate you!

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