Thursday, February 28, 2008

Free tickets to Unlimited Power - Sydney, Brisbane Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide

Wow, 2 whole days of world class speakers for free! If your motivation needs a boost or you're interesting in picking up some great tips, meeting lots of new friends & having fun for 2 days then you'll want to go to Tony Robbins' Unlimited Power.

I met so many wonderful people in a relatively small environment - there were about 200 people at the Brisbane event that finished yesterday (it's continuing in other capitals this week or book in now for late May). Plus because of the small environment, I got to rub shoulders with the speakers!

Joe Williams, Tony's #1 Head Trainer was brilliant as usual and got me fired up and inspired. I had a very significant breakthrough on a limiting belief which that alone was worth taking 2 days out of the office.

Scott Harris, one of Tony's top trainers, kept the room rockin' with his high energy and shared some cool new tools for authentic communication which was very enlightening.

What's the catch?
Well, part of the day is used for sales pitches for share trading, options (Justin Beeton), emini's (Traders International), business building (Dr Marc Dussault) and internet marketing (Stephen Pierce) and ebooks (Andrew & Daryl Grant). If you're in sales, it great to see how these leaders sell.

Congratulations! Stephen obviously believes you have the potential to achieve great success and happiness in your life! This transformational event has a usual admission fee of $995¦ Your complimentary ticket has a value that cannot be measured - the potential benefits to your life are Unlimited!

A ticket to Unlimited Power is worth $995, but you can attend at no charge! Click here for your free ticket. Book in now for May or if you're really fast, you can see the event in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide next week (early March).

PLUS: If you provide 3 referrals you will receive a program of TONY ROBBINS E-SEMINARS WORTH $1,000*

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