Monday, March 17, 2008

Instant Traffic Expert System Review

So many of us have been eagerly waiting for months for Stephen Pierce's brand new program, Instant Traffic Expert System.

This is the most comprehensive & up to date program for creating Traffic. I was fortunate to participate when Stephen was creating this program & I know what exceptional value it is! There are 21 different free traffic generation strategies:

Blog Traffic
Directory Traffic
Forum Traffic
Article Traffic
Joint Venture Traffic
MySpace Traffic
eZine Traffic
Pay-Per-Click Traffic
Classified Traffic
Squidoo Traffic
Search Engine Traffic
Banner Traffic
Craigslist Traffic
eBay Traffic
Facebook Traffic
Social Network Traffic
Podcasting Traffic
Social Shopping Traffic
YouTube Traffic
Link Traffic
Press Release Traffic

Stephen goes into such detail for each strategy with so many tips and ideas that it's almost overwhelming.

As a newbie, I personally used just 2 of these 21 Instant Traffic strategies shown and in just a few short weeks I had a phenomenal jump in my statistics. Suddenly, I was getting over 200 visitors every day to my brand new blog. A friend of mine, Bryan, was also using the same two strategies as me and he got much better results, he had over 6,000 visitors in 1 day to his gaming site!

Imagine no longer having to spend huge sums of money on Adsense to get traffic to your site.

The Right Traffic, Right Now

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