Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Free Viral Marketing Tool - Butterfly Reports - Mike Filsaime

I'm so excited!! If you've been wanting to take your project viral but have been on a tight budget, you're going to love this!

Check out this new offer from Mike Filsaime. I am signed up to so many lists that I get bombarded with emails and offers and I tend to get very jaded but I'm blown away by this latest offer from Mike Filsaime.

"Mike Filsaime here...

Rod Beckwith and I have been working
on a project now for over 1 year...

It went live today in BETA, and it
is sure to take Viral Marketing and
List Building to a new level for you,
me, and every Internet Marketer.

And... It is f.ree to use.

Since it is in Beta, you get to join,
and try to break it, and offer feedback,
and use it before anyone else before it
explodes and goes main stream.

(From what I can see so far, it is running

If you want to become and Beta User like
and also become a Charter and Founding
member, just join today.

What is it?

It is way to much to explain in this email,
but it has to do with.

- Using Free Reports to build a list.

- Branding the reports with your ClickBank
affiliate Links

- Making money by giving away reports.

- Or even making your own reports to drive
traffic to your site.


You can find out more by watching the great
VIDEO on the site.


Mike Filsaime

PS - If you share the site, you can make
commissions as our upgrade options are
converting over 7.5% (That is huge)

Get involved and go here...

If you're skeptical, I don't blame you, here you might want to check out this free report I got when I signed up which tells you all about viral marketing - it's a really good read. Plus it also shows how Butterfly Reports actually works! Right click here to download the report.

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