Saturday, April 5, 2008

Find Out How Much Your Website Is Worth

If you are looking to buy or sell a website you'll want to know what it's worth.

A very 'rough' way of valuing a site is using a website value calculator at .

It computes for the value based on Google and Alexa ranks and backlinks. Remember, it only serves as a guide. It does not cover other aspects of valuation.


Earnings Report for
The following report outlines traffic levels received by the submitted URL, overviews sources of potential income, and proposes a resale value of the site based on these factors.

Alexa Traffic Ranking The site's Alexa Rank = 1,462

PageRank The site's Google Page Rank = 4

Backlink Report

* Yahoo: 121000
* Altavista: 50100
* All the Web: 49900

Average of 7,371 backlinks.

Your site is valued at: $841,653

Monthly Earning Potential

* Text Link Advertising
Your site could sell text link advertisements at a rate of approximately $1,190.15/Link/Month.

If you sell eight links, you could earn approximately $9,521.2/Month selling text links on your site.

Check here for a review of Text Link Ads, currently the best way to sell text links from your website, or click here to give them a try!

* Affiliate Marketing
Your site could earn approximately $9,917.92/Month through affiliate marketing.

Check here for a guide to starting to work with affiliate programs, including what they are, and how to insert advertisements into your own site.

* Independent Advertising
Your site could earn approximately $3,940.14/Month through independent advertising arrangements specific to your site's niche. Take a look around to see if there are any companies which could benefit from advertising on your website.

For example, if you run a website about golf in Tampa, Florida, perhaps it would be a good idea to call a few of the local courses and see if they would like to purchase advertising, or a review on your site.

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