Monday, January 7, 2008

DT Alpha - Armand Morin Follow Me Video (Free)

I'm shaking my head in disbelief.

I can't get over how much PRACTICAL & POWERFUL content can be delivered so quickly and easily.

Wow, Armand Morin's Follow Me First video is fantastic! In just 23 minutes he shows how to get yourself set up and ready to make cash in hardly any time at all!

First of all Armand shows us how to get a great domain name.

Next he shows an incredibly fast and simple way to set up a blog. And even more importantly, he shows why having a blog is so valuable.

His third step is to FIND NEW products to promote.

And his final step is HOW to promote the product.

I can't get over how quick and easy it is. I followed his steps and had duplicated what he did (with a different product on my existing blog) in just 20 minutes! Want to see what I did? Click here

I am so looking forward to seeing more DTAlpha Follow Me First videos.

Click here to watch the 23 minute video:


chadtheraddad said...

Hey Kerri!

lol, I finally got around to making a reply :) I had a great Christmas break and then was waiting for you to post again.

I intend to buy the Optimindzation cds. Do you get any referral bonus if I buy through you?

I am a student of life I guess :-) Engineer by profession, I studying things too much before I get involved :P I do love to write/post in a number of areas that I am passionate about. Do you recommend starting a blog?

I am really curious about your marketing/business strategy. I can see how some income can be generated by referring others to a 3rd party product and getting a fee. I have trouble seeing how this can translate into passive income? Unless your product is something that is bought on a regular basis... It also seems weird to me that it's just strangers that buy from you. There doesn't seem much chance for customer loyalty. Of course, it's easier to sell in this fashion than sitting down face to face :P

I am really interesting in learning more about your business plan and whether it is something I should more seriously consider :-)

Have a great day! chad the rad dad

Kerri Witt said...

Hi Chad

Yes, I do receive payment when people buy through my link. :) It's called an affiliate commission.

I wasn't sure how effective blogs were but after watching the Armand Morin video in this article, I became even more convinced of the power of blogging.

Re business strategy - you're right, the way I do things here is not going to make me wealthy LOL.

I set up this blog initially to learn how to blog and then afterwards because I was so excited about Stephen's coaching program I wanted to share with others who were in the same frustrating position I was in a year ago.

The smart way is to build relationships with your customers, collect their details (thru Opt-In forms) and then market products that your customers need and want. That way you're building customer loyalty as you point out. :)

This particular business model is very popular and successful if you build up a good list and can market to what your customers want.

Let me know if you start your blog, I'd love to see it. And please keep leaving comments, it's great to get your messages.