Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hear Newbie Rosanne Talk on Making $12,000 in 3 Weeks

Have I told you about a newbie, Rosanne?

Rosanne made $12,000 in 3 weeks and has been a great inspiration to us all.

A dear friend of hers has MS and cystic fibrosis and Rosanne wanted to help ease their money stress so that was her motivation. She did it without a website, just by using one of the techniques Stephen teaches. Now she's frequently making $1,000 a day. Rosanne recently shared her story (without giving away any of her secrets) to our Mastermind group and they were asking her questions for ages!

You can even download our Mastermind group recording - Rosanne talks for the last 20 minutes or so before we crashed the server and the recording is cut off. :)

Choose the Free download option.

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