Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Difference Between Making a Little Money & A Lot of Money

Do you want to know how to easily capture more sales and realize more profits from the same effort?

Wouldn't it be great to growing business from three figures a year to six figures a year?

"Never ever allow the buyer to outlast your sales process" - Stephen Pierce

On the latest DT Alpha TalkBack freebie for you guys, Stephen shares how to:

- Create a euphoric experience for buyers.

- Take clients from Action momentum - eg fill out a survey, request download to Buyer momentum

Listen to this free 9 minute audio by clicking here.

PS This audio flowed on beautifully from a 2 hour webinar that Stephen ran for his smart marketing coaching club students immediately prior to recording this free message on DT Alpha. If you thought those 9 minutes were great, just imagine what 2 hours is like! (And we've got another 2 hours with Stephen in a few hours - If you want to know what his coaching program is like, have a read of some of my early posts)

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