Thursday, December 13, 2007

DTAlpha - TalkBack Strategy Versus Planning Explored

In Stephen's latest edition of TalkBack, he continues exploring Strategy Vs Planning.

“The plans that bind are the plans that blind.”

"Sometimes the plans we have can blind us to coming market transitions. And the meaning is often times the difference between winning and whining.

Get the full story in today’s DTAlpha TalkBack Blog by listening to this 13min and 59 second audio."

Stephen starts with a powerful analogy of a person being so in love with another that they make their love their whole world. You might have been there yourself, I certainly have where their friends are your friends, you do everything together. Then the relationship is over and you have nothing.

Businesses do this too. They get so in love with a plan, they aren't noticing things changing. Think of the businesses that are no longer around...

Is your plan (or even your strategy) based on something that has changed?

Go have a listen to this audio now
- this is great information that Stephen is making freely available and he's personally replying to comments!

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