Monday, September 24, 2007

Freebie video - Moolah Attraction Plan Moolah MAPs

I have got an extra special message for you. Mrs Alicia Pierce skyped me tonight from Malaysia to let me know about this freebie. (Stephen Pierce is in KL, Malaysia for his 4 day invitation only event, Unleash Your Marketing Genius.)

“Experience the Moolah Attraction Plan MAP
for Massive Cash Flow which can
make you repeatedly and infinitely profitable.”

This is a video recording of an awesome presentation focussing on strategy, it's not technical, these are absolute gems like what Stephen says that gets his JV partners wanting to provide audio testimonials & 100% signups for his affiliate program. Now I know why marketing legend, Jay Abraham, goes to Stephen Pierce.

I've heard Stephen's presentations several times now and I thought this recording would be good for people who aren't already students of his, I thought it would cover a lot of what I'd already heard. Maybe that's the reason, or maybe it's because it's been a big day but I did think the video started off a bit slow, the first 15 minutes of the video focus on why internet marketing is the best business to be in and relationships. But then it amps up and I was glued to the screen for the next 75 minutes. I know I'll definitely be watching this again.

At time 15:58 we start getting into the REAL juicy part, the maps Stephen and his team use when they launch a product. As a side benefit, we're also learning Stephen's mindset, "When you hear somebody making money, Celebrate. Celebrate it." It's not meant to be part of Stephen's presentation but because the crowd is quite reserved and not playing full out so that's a bonus to get that insight.

If you've got a product, you're definitely going to want to watch it Now Moolah Attraction Plan

This is a great video to watch if you already have products or plan to have products in the future. If you don't have product, then the first 59 minutes will still be valuable to you because you're going to get some fantastic tips.

What you are going to see:
  • Learn how to discover a hungry crowd - the 11 words for discovering a Moolah market (time 39:34 - 7 mins)
  • 4 Key Moolah Relationships™ for Raking In Cash. (time 46:55) Discover the key relationships that create targeted traffic and cash flow stability.
  • Pierce Accelerated Affiliate Sales Model (time 50:01)
  • 2 Things to Know About Building Moolah Relationships™ with your Market. (time 54:40)
  • 5 Tips to Building Joint Venture and Affiliate Relationships. (time 59:05)
  • 3 Steps for JV/Affiliate Attention and Retention. (time 01:02:52)
  • The 12 Step JV Ramp Up for a MoolahRollOut™. (time 01:05:05) I love the way Stephen gets audio testimonials, hear his script for how he pursuades people at 01:07:51 . He even shares how they actually did their rollout 01:12:07.
…and much more in these 90 jammed pack minutes of proven, practical and profitable marketing strategies straight from the marketing handbook of a multi-million dollar producer.

Don't miss out, I don't know how long this one will be available for f'ree
so click here to get it today====> Moolah Attraction Plan

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