Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stephen asked to showcase our traffic generation at Unleash Your Marketing Genius - KL, Malaysia Sept 2007

Stephen Pierce and his team are right now in the middle of Unleash Your Marketing Genius UYMG, an invitation only event, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Guess what?!! Yesterday Stephen emailled me and an awesome guy from our Mastermind group, Bryan and asked us to give him details of our traffic generation for him to share at UYMG. How awesome is that! (Just in case you're wondering if this is for real - have a look at the email we received.) What an honor!

I'll put up what I sent Stephen up here on the blog along with links to other members of our special Social bookmarking group.

There's no substitute for actually being at UYMG (other than going to the next one in Sydney Nov 23-25) but here are links to videos, pics and postings of what's happening:

And here's more info from the perspective of one of the Alpha Leadership team, Raymond


Raymond said...

Hi Kerri,

I'm so glad to see my link here.

Thank you very much.

I am having an extremely good time here in UYMG KL especially working together with the charismatic, beautiful, sexy and lovely Laura, our SMCC manager.

We are having so much fun here. As usual, Stephen's speech blown those attendees mind away.

cjosang said...

Hi. I am also attending the UYMG here in Kuala Lumpur. We bought the package in Singapore at World Internet Marketing in May. I've been expecting to have a lot of hands on during the workshop but I'm very disappointed because instead of doing hands on, we're here to just listen to a lot of presenters. Too bad! My expectations are high and some presenters under delivered. I'm not gonna buy another package anymore; insteadt, i will start doing the real stuff. Did you buy any of the speaker's offer?

joy said...

UYMG was a disappointing event. It was just an over-rated, over-priced and under-delivered repeat of World Internet Summit event minus the laptop. Laptops weren't even used to its fullest capacity. It was only used for taking down notes. Internet connection sucks. Speakers were not good and their packages were way expensive. I felt ripped off. :-(

Golden Yogess said...

For other people who have read this feedback about Stephen Pierce's event, Unleash Your Marketing Genius UYMG,

I respectfully suggest that you also read this short article:

In this article, James talks about how seminars are a waste of time WITHOUT the RIGHT MINDSET and PREPARATION.

Hey, I've been guilty of it myself, being a complete seminar junkie and just going from one to the next. I was all set to go to UYMG in KL but then a mastermind member asked me if I'd done all the prep to feel I would get the most out of the event. That made me pause and decide to wait until Sydney when I can be really ready.