Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Week 5 statistics & Update to Coaching Program Review

Here's an update to my review of the Stephen Pierce coaching program. This update is on the numbers - how what I'm learning is actually working. Given that I'm still pretty much a newbie, I had some financial targets I wanted to achieve but I didn't have any clear goals initially on how much traffic I wanted to be generating. Now that I've been doing this for over a month now, I'm a bit clearer on my outcomes and I'm now focussing on the traffic numbers instead on the financial goals.

Right now the target is on increasing free traffic and then I'll tweak my sales processes to generate more income. At low traffic levels, it's difficult to see what difference changes have to the site.

The ways my blog generates income (so far):
1) adsense
2) clickbank advertising

In the future I'll also develop my own products but right now I need to know that I can win in my choosen niche.

It's now been just over 5 weeks since my site, http://www.organiclivinglifestyle.com/, first went live (5th August). I went through Stephen Pierce's new addition to his coaching program, PRI$E, as you would have seen me mention previously. Since my last update, I've been busy writing articles and doing social bookmarking activities (technorati, stumbleupon, reddit, facebook etc). Right now I'm learning about RSS feeds.

I had a bit of a problem with the last step of the initial PRI$E training (the RSS feeds) which delayed me finishing but I am excited that I've almost finished the newbie part.

Stats - week 5
First 10 days of September:
  • 650 hits a day (average) vs 341 in August
  • 37 visits a day (average) vs 27 in August
  • people in 16 countries have visited my site
  • my unique visitors total is now at 231 for the first 10 days of this month (September)
  • 35% of visitors come from search engines and social bookmarking vs 1.1% in August

My unique visitors total is almost exactly what I had for August (26 days) and we're only 10 days into September. Based on this I expect to at least triple the figures from last month, that is get to about 700 unique visitors for September. If I can keep tripling this figure every month, that would be awesome. That would mean 2,100 unique visitors in October, 6,300 in November and 18,900 in December. Momentum is what it's all about!

The number of pages sending traffic to my site has decreased but given that links from external pages represents 1.1% of my current traffic (down from 4.1% in August), this will be something for me to work on soon. I also need to work on building my database too now that my traffic is growing.

At the moment, I'm working with a small focus group on our social bookmarking and so in a few weeks I expect I will be quite proficient in this area very soon. There's so much to learn!

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