Friday, November 30, 2007

Stephen Pierce Over-Delivers Once Again

Once again, Stephen Pierce, over delivers on his promise to help his Coaching Club students.

There are 5 webinars coming up starting December 18 thru to 21st December on Free Traffic Generation strategies. I'm not going to publish the link here because this is exclusively for Stephen Pierce students but here's just a taste of what to expect:

On these webinars Stephen will reveal in a series worth $4,997.00 how to:

1. How to find winning postions in markets

2. How to create products people will

3. Top 11 tactics for increasing sales

4. How to jump start your success engine

5. How to build million dollar partnerships


I love Stephen's program but I have to admit that the live support service is probably the weakest part of their whole service. Sometimes tickets take a while to be answered and I've found it's much easier & quicker to go straight to the forum.

However, starting from January, 2 of Stephen's great support people, Laura and Jennifer will be available LIVE for 3 hours on Mondays via the webinar service to answer questions! Now, isn't that a great idea?

"Yes that's right every Monday chat with me in our webinar room to ask your SMCC questions. Jennifer and I will be there every Monday from 9am-Noon (Michigan/USA) to answer any questions you have. We will start on January 7th."


* DTAlpha - a high tech way of delivering info (in Beta testing now) check it out at

* Dates for 2008 Q & A calls have just been released

* The next UYMG in Sydney dates are set for March 14,15,16

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