Monday, November 26, 2007

Were You At UYMG Sydney?

Maybe you'll remember me because Stephen was yelling out my name right before the end... "Kerri!" I'm Stephen's Alpha Leadership captain and it was my honor and privilege to be able to help at Unleash Your Marketing Genius. (This pic was taken just taken just a short time ago tonight at Tony Robbins' Unlimited Power event in Brisbane.)

I can't get over how massively life has changed in such a short time. Can you believe I was practically a newbie when I started in August and in just a matter of months I was invited to be Leadership captain?! Really, if I can do it, anyone with enough enthusiasm & willingness to take action can do exactly the same too.

Can I Ask You A Favor?

I'm looking for pictures and tips from Stephen Pierce's UYMG Sydney event.

I was running around and didn't get to take notes or photos so I would love it if you shared yours!

Would you please give your best tip you got from UYMG? And how you're going to use it?

I'd love to hear from you!


PS If you have a pic from the event, please leave your comment and I'll email you personally because I really would love to see pics and video from the event. Or if you're tech savvy, you could you tube it or put it on your own blog!

PS 2 - Especially let me know if you're in SE Queensland because we have a brilliant Masterming Group.

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