Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How To Be An Information Product Powerseller in 90 Days

For the past 3 years I've been wanting to make information products to sell online.

During that time I've gotten very good at reviewing offers internet marketing gurus make. I've often been disappointed because there's always been something missing. There are so many 'little things' things missing like building a website so people could buy from me or finding customers wanting to buy what I have to sell.

At last I've finally found the complete package.

John Thornhill is a full time marketer who really has got a complete system together that makes him a very substantial and regular income on near-auto pilot.

But here's the thing - He has documented everything he does, so that others may
duplicate it. That means you can copy exactly what he does and expect the
same results!

He is an eBay Powerseller of ebooks and information products and has successfully converted his business to respond to ebay's rule banning downloadable products but doesn't just rely on eBay (or other auction sites). (You can check these out at his eBay shop http://stores.ebay.co.uk/PlanetSMS)

He's now released his flagship product, "John Thornhill's Your Own Ebook Business" that shows:
  1. How to create your own products
  2. CD ROM templates so you can create physical products
  3. Private Label Rights to sell all the ebooks he sells
  4. Your own professional developed website that you can add your own products (This is NOT like the other eBook websites you may have seen where the seller takes a percentage of your earnings)
  5. 1000's of ebay Auction templates
  6. Ongoing support personally from John
  7. Private Forum
"I was excited to discover not only a great looking eBook website and 100s of eBooks at my disposal, but also an amazing private forum." ".... Loads of people offering advice and tips - perfect for someone that felt a total newbie and didn't know what the heck she was doing."

"He was always there, answering questions, giving tips and even asking questions himself and asking for help. That's one of the many reasons why I had and still have total respect for him - I never got the impression that he was `keeping anything to himself'. Everything was laid bare - he would tell us exactly how he did things, discuss ideas or half ideas he had, ask us questions about our on-line problems, try to solve them - and even told us about any blunders or `cock-ups' he'd made. He was, and still is, totally approachable and always willing to help with anything you may ask him." (Just part of one of the testimonials)

Please do check out his offer and study carefully what John is making available. This has to be one of the best value programs I've seen.

He has the system so perfected there is no part of it left to chance...

Don't delay though, John has to keep adding to the price as he includes monthly additions to further your profits, and they do incur costs and increase the benefits and potential to all members.

Click here to go to
"John Thornhill's Your Own Ebook Business"

PS Just in case you're wondering... Yes, this blog is about Stephen Pierce and I truly have found Stephen to be the best mentor I've found. He's exceptional when it comes to strategy and big picture stuff. He's also been the only person whose coaching program showed me how to create a website (blog) and how to create lots of traffic (without having to buy it) but what I want right now is a step-by-step system, templates etc for building my own information product business.

What has drawn me to John Thornhill's program is that it's such incredibly good value and just the systems, templates and website alone will save me HUGE amounts of time creating all this from scratch.

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