Friday, August 10, 2007

SMCC Mastermind group - Gold Coast

Yesterday I got to meet with the Gold Coast members who have recently joined Stephen Pierce's coaching program too. I found out that I have been extremely lucky to have gotten the PRI$E system. They joined just a few weeks earlier than me and didn't receive it. Remember me mentioning that I had been frustrated with the delays but I felt that everything happened for a reason? Well, this is my proof.

By meeting with the others I got to share some ideas and a solution to a common problem we'd been experiencing AND I got so many ideas and tips from the others. They told me about solutions to problems that I hadn't even come across, saving me lots of time. (Thank you Karen Isitt, you are a treasure!)

What a valuable resource these meetings are. A place to share experiences and successes, get solutions to problems and brainstorm ideas.

To give an unbiased perspective of SMCC coaching, the biggest frustrations seem to be that it does take longer than the 30 minutes a day Stephen indicated and also getting support on problems. My take on this is that you spend a lot of time fiddling with the details but let's just get on with it, get it done and can always go back and perfect it later on. It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to work. The second point about support on problems is honestly that people get caught up in one thing not working and waste lots of time and energy when they can be putting their focus on something else. Stephen had a rant on this at one of his training sessions. I wrote a post about this earlier - if you can't do something, focus on what you can do. Stephen's talk went into detail about he'd get frustrated with students hung up on one little thing and let that stop them taking action. He said what about the other 100 things you could be doing.

Yes, support isn't always as quick as we'd like - it might take a day or three if it's a weekend but there's always other parts of the project that can be worked on in the meantime.

During the Mastermind group, I also found that there are great sites just within our own community.

I've been most impressed by Christine & Neil Robin's site
They also have lots of great free resources on their site for internet marketing and personal development. Check it out!

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