Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Day 7 - What has been achieved so far?

Considering I've been part of the coaching program a week and have been working for a just few hours here and there, I'm quite pleased with where I'm at so far. Especially when I compare it to the other coaching programs I've done.

I've now got a website with:
* clickbank feeds
* pay per click feeds
* articles being automatically loaded for the next 30 days

If you're interested in checking it out, I'd love feedback
Please note I am still in the process of setting up the autoresponder and newsletters. Organic living is something near and dear to me. This site is just a starting point so check back in the coming weeks to see how it's progressing.

By the way...
If like me you tried coaching before and months later still haven't even made $1, you might find Stephen Pierce's philosophy interesting... Unlike the others which seem to be focussing on creating a product to sell, Stephen focusses on the internet marketing side first. He says why would you spend all your time creating a product and then discover that you are having problems marketing to that niche? Rather, than that he gets us to check that we can first of all market someone else's product to the niche we've chosen and THEN if we choose to, then create a product.

The big advantage of this approach is that you're making money while you're learning!

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Tanady said...

Hello again,

Yeap.. this is an awesome blog you've built based on PRISE.

Please update us on how the site is doing. I meant in terms of visitors per day, any sales made, subscription, etc..