Monday, August 6, 2007

Who is Stephen Pierce?

From some comments I've received, I realize that not everyone knows who Stephen Pierce is. Some people think that he's an Aussie internet marketer. Well, he's not Australian and he's an extremely successful internet marketer and much more.

To give you an indication of what level he's playing at, he runs a program called "Unlimited Power" in Singapore with Tony Robbins. For info on the program with Anthony Robbins and other live events, go to

Stephen is an international speaker and recently completed a World Tour with various promoters including Jay Abraham. His Australian KnowledgeSource presentation was promoted: "Discover How A 35 Year Old Former High-School Dropout Turned His Life Around And Today, Pulls In A MASSIVE $387,065.41 Per Month On The Internet Using His Proven, Easy To Follow, Step-By-Step System…"

While he was here, he was a key presenter at the Tony Robbins' Wealth Mastery event in Melbourne, Australia and he also did a presentation to the Leadership crew (which was not about internet marketing). From friends who were there I can confirm that he really did receive a standing ovation.

Stephen Pierce is an awesome American presenter, coach & internet marketer. His initial success was teaching people how to trade futures and options. When you hear his story, you'll realize he was too broke to profit from the wining trades he was just giving away free to people. He was doing it to feel good about himself and was posting his tips online when someone contacted him and wanted to pay him $5,000 to teach him how to do what he does. That started him into his teaching career. By the way, he was so broke that when this happened he was homeless and it was a businessman who let him use his office washroom and sleep inside who got him started. The businessman let him use a computer. For more of Stephen's story click here.

Now, Stephen, his gorgeous wife Alicia together with their team of great support staff teach people how to do what they've done.

For info on his coaching program, go to:

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