Friday, August 3, 2007

SMCC Day 3 - The Whole Truth

Ok, if you've been following my posts you'll see that I'm only 3 days into Stephen Pierce's Smart Marketing Coaching Club.

I'm excitedly planning my strategy and working my way through the steps and I'm about to get back into but I wanted to let you know what's happened, just in the past 2 days since I last posted...
  • I've received detailed videos guiding me through the membership site. I thought I'd gone through it pretty thoroughly but I soon realised there's even more than I first thought! On the forums are lots of tips and links to great free resources
  • Newsletter with updates, tips & bonuses including a great guide to managing virtual teams (I've recently been working with a virtual assistant and realized just how valuable this information is)
  • Received answers to questions I sent Stephen's coaching manager, Laura
  • An intro to the new SMCC blog
  • Received an unadvertised bonus, one of Stephen's programs and I just have to share a snippet with you from the accompanying email:
"Stephen had no established email list, joint venture relationships, name recognition, etc. in this market base before the release of this book.

As a result of 1 advertisement that cost $750 USD placed on 1 page for 1 month, we generated 1200 affiliates and over 1/4 million dollars in total sales and a high Alexa ranking:

(I'm telling you this to get you excited for the strategies Stephen wil teach you in the program you just signed up for!) ============================================="

Cool, huh?!

Did I mention that when we signed up Stephen and Alicia said all we'd need to pay for is -
  • domain name $9 (one off)
  • hosting $9.95 a month
  • 1Shopping Cart $29.95 a month (free for the first 2 months)

At last!! I was so sick of those Derek Gehl Internet Marketing Centre crap products that just tried to upsell me into their own shopping carts and affiliate managers. I spent over $300 on their Warp Speed Wealth about 18 months ago and worked out I would have needed to spend at least double that again just to get started. I really felt ripped off. That's why I was very wary of it happening again when I saw Stephen's program. Yes, I paid a lot more than Warp Speed Wealth to get into Stephen's program but I'm get invaluable support. By the way, I checked out the resources to make sure that everything we need is available and it is eg website creator, squeeze page manager and lots of other things that I don't even know what they really are yet like RSS announcer.

Finally, I really feel I've found found someone (well actually a whole team) I can trust. And no, I don't get paid to endorse Stephen's coaching program. But if this becomes available you can bet I'll be the first to sign up as an affiliate!

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