Monday, July 30, 2007

Coaching Program - preliminary impressions

As you might have seen from previous posts, I have signed up Stephen Pierce's coaching program. I delayed the start as I was moving and I learned from past experience last year when I unsuccessfully did Bill Hibbler's ebook coaching program, it's best to start a coaching program when you can give it your full attention and focus.

I will be starting any day now, am just waiting for Laura who looks after Stephen's coaching program to get in touch with my logon details and I'll be posting my progress along the way.

What impressed me is that Stephen seems genuinely passionate about helping people experience success. In the private session after signing up a guy in our group asked Stephen if he offered a guarantee. Stephen said no guarantee is needed because it works. He told us about the group from HK that went through. He said that only three didn't make money and that was because they didn't follow his recipe. (He says that success is a recipe and he's got a great recipe that he teaches step by step and every one who follows the recipe will get results. He says the people who don't get results are the ones who mess with the recipe and decide that they can do it better.)

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