Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Intro to SMCC Smart Marketing Coaching Club

Woohoo! I'm finally in!!!

I am now able to access all the online info on Stephen Pierce's "Smart Marketing Coaching Club".

Wow, in a way I'm kinda glad I had this delayed introduction. I have to admit I was a bit annoyed that it took so long to get started but now I'm grateful it happened that way. Everything happens for a reason, right? This way I've been able to really get to explore everything in stages rather than being overwhelmed. There is SO MUCH info on the website. The highlights are:

  • Coaching calls & events
  • 12 Modules with the first module has the theme Mindset
  • Resources - just the info in this is completely overwhelming, there are so many resources broken into categories but it's still HUGE!
  • very active Forums

I've only just gotten a grasp on the info that's on the DVD/CD and there's so much more yet for me to do. I thought there might be a double up on the info that's on the DVD and info that's online but it looks like the DVD is just an intro before even getting started! OMI!!

To start, I've been busily posting on the forums, introducing myself and sending messages to people in my area. Looks like there's a group that meets regularly here in Brisbane (Australia) which is so awesome to be able to network with people who are doing the coaching program too.

Next step is to decide what niche I want to work in, what market can I win in (as Stephen puts it). I could easily procrastinate on this indefinitely so I'm making a decision that I will choose a market by the end of today. Even if it's not the absolute perfect niche for me, at least I'm taking action and I can learn and apply what I'm doing to a more perfect niche later if needed.


Stephen A. Pierce said...

Well, what a great blog you have here. ;-)

It's nice to see such detailed commentary on my programs. I hope you keep this up, since you're doing a good service for those that might be curious but not sure if they should sign up with me.

Work hard and follow the steps, and you will see results. Welcome to SMCC. :-D

God bless you & yours,

Golden Yogess said...

Thank you Stephen that's a lovely compliment. It's only been a couple of days since I joined SMCC and Laura & everyone on the forums has just been so helpful, it's wonderful.

I can't get over how much value you deliver - I'm just now reading one of the unadvertised bonuses and it's WOWed me! I wasn't even sure if I should put anything on the blog about that. There's just so much.

I'm especially thrilled that there are two mastermind groups that I can go to in my area too.

I was just thinking how much I appreciate you offer this coaching & feeling so grateful that I'm able to take part. Thank you and I look forward to coming and meeting you and Alicia again soon.

Kerri in Brisbane

TL said...

Hi Kerri,
Congrats on just doing it and getting started. It's one who bouts first out the starting gate but how you finish.

In each of our endeavours, remember that the IM journey is a marathon and not a sprint. Be consistent, focused and determined and victory will/must follow! Plough on.

Allow me to share one of my favorite personal quotes "The battle goes not to the swift or strong, but to those who place their faith in the Lord."

The battle/victory goes not to the quick but to the consistent and persistent. Just like the recent Tour de France, whose outcome was decided after a long 2+weeks and many stages, it is the same with IM.

Looking forward to meeting you in person at the next, next mastermind meeting when I fly back from Singapore. You are in the company of good folks...

Viva la SMCC...
Tim Lee

Douglas Castle said...

Dear Golden Yogess (and your alter ego, Kerri of brisbane):

My congratulations on your blog, and the tremendous enthusiasm that you convey. Many of us here in the United States are not entirely familiar with Stephen Pierce's programs. Please keep posting, and keep me on your list every time a new post comes out on your blog. Also, if you could provide some more hyperlinks to various of Stephen's sites, that would be a great service to us Yanks!


Douglas Castle,
Director Of Strategic Planning and Programs,

Golden Yogess said...

Thanks Tim and Douglas

Douglas, Stephen Pierce is an awesome American coach. Just to give you an indication of what level he's playing at, he runs a program called "Unlimited Power" in Singapore with Tony Robbins & Alan Pease.

For info on his coaching program, go to:

For info on the program with Tony Robbins, go to

Tanady said...

Dear Kerri,

Awesome blog you built here.. hope you may keep blogging and let's see how you describe our AWESOME coach Stephen Pierce.. ^_^

Personally, I enjoy very much and feel so grateful being one of the SMCC family member.

Stephen is not only over-deliver his package, but also has been so helpful.

He has built a forum which is very very active to get us help each other.

The support team is wonderful. As we support each other as well among members.

It's like we are having new family members in the Internet marketing world.

Isn't that fun? hoho3x.. ^_^

Overall, I love SMCC -- Stephen and Alicia and team.. and of course ... You! (yes.. the one who reading this.. hoho3x.. :)

Love you much.