Tuesday, July 31, 2007

PRISE Coaching program first impressions

It looks like I will be all set up ready to go from tomorrow. I can't wait!

I received a pack in the mail, a beautiful black leather compendium with a DVD and a cheap looking photocopied information.

PRISE - Passive Residual Income System Extreme

I'm currently still going through the DVD. It's got so much information on it & is perfect for newbies. Roy Phay, a man with a strong Singapore accent takes us through step by step the video tutorials (Camtasia) through the initial "Phase 1: Getting Ready" which includes how to set up a domain (Cheapcheapdomainnames.com), set up hosting (HostGator.com) etc. It's all done in great detail so even a complete technophobe would be able to follow it. I think it will be boring if you've already done it a few times though but the videos are quite short.

The focus initially seems to be on setting up a Blog. There's no real overview to give the big picture of what we're doing or why but I think that's very likely a deliberate decision by Stephen Pierce.

Phase 2 is the Installation stage where it goes through setting up Wordpress. My criticism here is thanks for showing me in detail how to do this but what is it and why am I doing this? Ok, I'm still a bit of a newbie - I have created my own website using website builder templates (thanks to GoDaddy.com's Website tonight). I'm slowly figuring out the benefits but I'm a great coachee and I'm just following instructions and not questioning anything or trying to improve on the system.

Stephen said to follow it like a recipe and that's what I'm doing.

Phase 3 is Set-Up and Roy Phay again patiently takes us through setting up PPC accounts, smart PPC (software provided by Stephen), setting up ClickBank account and Smart Profit Feeds. Then it gets into the more creative side which interests me - modifying the Wordpress templates and setting up Autoresponders.

There are still 3 Steps to Go:
Phase 4: Promotions - gathering and submitting articles, writing posts, promoting on blogs and forums, RSS Announcer & Social bookmarking),
Phase 5: Cash Injection System
Phase 6: Help

Now that I've gone through most of the tabs I'm going back to the first phase which is picking a market and a domain name. Still not sure what I'm going to focus on there.

My overall first impression of the PRISE system - Stephen's 'recipe' analogy seems very appropriate for how he's built this coaching system.

I would have liked a bit more of the bigger picture but I gather after watching the camtasia videos that we're being taught how to set up information sites, no single page sales letters sites for us. That's a bit different from what I was expecting because I gathered that Stephen was going to teach us exactly what he does and I haven't really seen any of his sites look just like blogs with ads everywhere. But hey, I have only just started and I'm not even on the main part of the coaching yet with the website access so a lot more will be revealed soon.


roy said...

Hey Kerri,

I'm so glad that you like the PRISE System. It's something that I wanted to work on for a long time, since I was a SMCC student like you did 15 months ago, and now, together with Stephen's concept and ideas; the whole PRISE System took to another level.

If you need any support and help, always remember to go to the Help Section on the CD where there are 2 links on it. One is the Support ticket system and the other is a LIVE link where we will constantly update new stuffs.

What a great blog you have... keep the good contents and your experience coming.

To Your Success,
Roy Phay

Golden Yogess said...

Thanks Roy. I'm just now going through PRI$E and have almost finished Phase 2, Installation.

From what I understand this is only a brand new addition to the SMCC and now that I have been in for almost a week, I can appreciate how valuable it truly is.

Thank you so much for your detailed videos. I still don't understand exactly why I'm doing what I'm doing but I definitely know that without them it would have taken me lots of coaching and repeated instructions to get up to the stage I'm at.

Roy you are a champion and I'm so glad you're part of the coaching program!