Tuesday, June 3, 2008

30 Day Challenge - Pre Season review

Ed Dale's 30 Day Challenge is now in it's 4th year - if you haven't heard about this yet the 30 Day Challenge is about making your first $1 online and building a foundation to make a living online. And it's free, yes, really it is free. You can join anytime at thirtydaychallenge.com

The 60 Day Pre-Season started June 1 and you can watch the live video at www.thirtydaychallenge.tv at 8pm Eastern time or the recordings can be found on YouTube. You can even watch it on AppleTV, iPod, iPhone.

You can watch the Day 1 Preseason video here (41:15)

Ed says what's different now is that we now to focus on teams when the 30 Day Challenge starts on 1 August.

The focus initially in the Pre-Season is on choosing the right web browser and using Twitter.

Choice of Web browser is very important - they were using Firefox last year but now changed back to Flock "An amazing browser" says Ed Dale.

"Twitter is the most important thing to happen to marketing in 2008" - Ed Dale

In the 30 Day Challenge we'll learn the right way to use Twitter to communicate with your marketplaces. (Sidenote: Ed's personal twitter is @Ed_Dale)

PS The first time I heard about the challenge was after it had already finished and I understand most people have done that so don't be shy, this is a great way to get started so go sign up now and get access to the 30 Day Challenge.

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