Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Momentum Mixx MP3's! (Freebie)

Stephen Pierce has more great new freebies for us! He has just released 5 new mp3s as part of his Momentum Mixx. These are music mixed with gems of personal development with a common theme of getting you to take action.

For the original 3 tracks that I highly recommend and listen to all the time, check out http://stephen-pierce-fan-freebies.blogspot.com/2007/07/stephen-pierce-momentum-mix-music-mp3s.html

All 5 of the NEW mp3s are yours to download now.http://the-whole-truth.com/ct/t.php?l=380

These songs are different like that hit song from 1999 called ‘Everybodys free (to wear Sunscreen)’. It was different because it was spoken not sung and was full of a litany of funny but practical advice set to music. I always remember the line: ‘Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults; if you succeed in doing this, tell me how.’

If you’re new to this type of music, I recommend that you start with Track #4 ‘You Can’t Be Willing If…

My review of Stephen Pierce’s 5 new Momentum Mixx tracks:

The first track, ‘The Question of You’ didn’t do it for me like the original tracks. It’s got a great rhythmic track, reminds me a bit of a salsa but I found Stephen’s voice over dominated the first part and it took me about a minute before I really got into it. It liked it a lot more after listening to it a few times.

Character Through the Process’ is more chilled by comparison and Stephen’s part flows beautifully.

Motion, Action, Forward Progress’ really fits ACTION. Add it to your exercise music.

You Can’t Be Willing If…’ had me moving to the beat. I kept waiting for Justin Timberlake to start singing but the words quickly drew me in. Brilliant content, getting into the subconscious with brilliant suggestions. This is my favorite track.

Your Why’ continues on beautifully from ‘You Can’t Be Willing If’ and keeps repeating the main message I’ve gotten from the marathon calls Stephen’s held over the last 4 days “You have to move people!”

I’ve listened to them all a few times now and I haven't made up my mind yet whether the original tracks were better or if that is just because I've listened to them so often. Either way I agree they have:

Powerful content...

Entertaining format...

Unique delivery...

You be the judge. Are these HOT... or not?http://the-whole-truth.com/ct/t.php?l=380

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