Saturday, November 17, 2007

UYMG Sydney - Alpha Leaders

Alpha Leaders are a team of Stephen's students who have stood out as leaders.

I was honored to be chosen to be part of this group, especially given that I'm still really a newbie.

As part of Leadership we get our own Alpha Leadership Guide (76 pages jammed packed with gems). Look at these Leadership topics we're covering:

To Gain The Maximum Effectiveness In Your Business,
You Must Wear The Correct Hat

Management Personnel At All Levels
Have Building And Growth Responsibilities

You Can Double Your Income By
Refocusing And Restructuring Your Activities

Delegation Doesn’t Happen All At Once,
Nor Is It Always A 100% Thing
Don’t Let The Cost Of Hiring Staff Scare You…
If Done Right, It Won’t Be A Cost At All

How To Gain Two Extra Hours A Day

Your Most Valuable Asset
To Get The Most From Your Business And Life,

“We Have Met The Enemy,
And He Is Us” - Pogo

You Can Effectively Eliminate Your Competition
By Using Your Time More Efficiently

How To Shed Old, Unproductive Habits
And Adopt New And Better Ones

Identifying Your Time Wasters

How To Contact Your Clients
And Prospects At The Best Times
Action Guide

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