Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Optimize Radio (Freebie)

I've just joined Stephen Pierce's coaching program (am waiting for my login so haven't started yet) & found out about the Optimization Series Radio Show podcast community (It's free and you access it through itunes.)

Topics (so far) are:
- 7 Ways to Optimize Niche Websites for more profits
- How to Breakthrough to Buzz
- 3 Ways to Optimize your mind for Business Growth
- 3 Ways to Optimize your Personal Performance
- 3 Ways to Optimize Virtual Real Estate on the Internet

Here's what Stephen Pierce has to say about Optimization Series Radio Show podcast community:

Getting started listening to the show and claiming your bonus of my "52 Facts About Marketing" is easy and starts right here.

Just click on the "Subscribe in iTunes with One Click" button on the page (click here) and follow the instructions.

Once you are officially subscribe in iTunes you will see a message scrolling across the top of iTunes when you are playing one of our podcast, that will tell you where to download your bonus of my "52 Facts About Marketing."

Thank you again for joining us and we look forward to providing you with amazing shows, facinating guest, impactful content and an all around great experience to...

"Help you get the most out of what you put into your business."
Optimizing It,
Stephen Pierce

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