Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Day 1 review of Stephen Pierce's Attraction Accelerator & Attraction Activator

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I just caught up with my friend Warren who arrived back this afternoon from Wealth Mastery. Boy is he on fire now!

For the past few weeks, I'd been raving on to him about Stephen Pierce so I was keen to hear what he thought of him. I was disappointed to hear Warren report that Stephen's presentation was 'just a sales pitch' and that it didn't have any real content. Keep in mind, he also said that he wants to do Stephen's course so it must have had an impact, despite his criticisms.

Warren also mentioned Stephen Pierce had talked about a CD for helping with your mindset and he was disappointed again that it wasn't for sale at WM.

Right away I knew what Warren was talking about, I'd heard about it a few weeks ago and ended up buying it. "It's like my brain has been reformatted" I told him, thus forever sealing my geek-ness reputation (lucky I'm gorgeous, right?!). Still, the reason why I can't stop telling people about it is because I haven't been this enthusiastic and positive since I last did UPW! (For other technology lovers - if you like the Pzizz, then I think you're going to love this - it's far more advanced than Pzizz and uses the latest learning technology.)

Stephen's OptiMINDzation Attraction Accelerator and Attraction Activator are mp3s so you get them straight away (there's some cool bonuses as well). I only bought it yesterday (Wednesday) and noticed a huge shift already today. I seriously think this could be even more powerful than the $15,000 NLP 9 month coaching program I invested in. My plan is to use it every day for the next week - a 7 challenge to see what it really does. I'll let you know what I think of it after a week. As an AD type, I've always found it hard to visualise so it will be interesting to see if this program changes that.

bye for now

Having recently spent 3 days at KnowledgeSource's Internet Marketing Secrets seminar, I recommended a different internet marketer's course to Warren as he really wants to use ebooks to further his passion, coaching. Seeing as Warren's not a geek like I am and all that interested really in search engine optimisation, viral marketing etc, I suggested he check out Chris Guerriero's Best Seller coaching because I believe it's a better fit for him because Chris is big on results and integrity and lots of support to make things happen, he doesn't focus on the internet marketing details which Warren really isn't that interested in.

BTW, I'm not knocking Stephen Pierce's course - far from it, I'm actually so impressed I've signed up to do it myself and he has continued to deliver more than he promised.

PS 2 - If you are interested in doing this experiment with me (it costs
only $30)
you can get it at OptiMINDzation's Attraction Accelerator

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