Tuesday, July 3, 2007

OptiMINDzation... Is it a monthly program?

When I first heard about OptiMINDzation and Attraction Accelerator, I wanted to find out more. I had a look at the critics who said it was a trap into a monthly program. That got me very wary! Especially as his site didn't mention anything about Attraction Accelerator & Attraction Activator being the first in a monthly course. I was not interested in a monthly commitment at all. I followed their links and it showed a less professional website that did genuinely seem to be a Stephen Pierce program. I don't know maybe it's an older, out dated version because they didn't even offer mp3s!

Eventually I decided to buy Stephen's Optimindzation but I found the link had been hijacked by the so called critics and it no longer showed the bonuses that I was most interested in (Attraction Accelerator, Results Accelerator and Visual Velocity report). So I picked up a tip from one of the critics / competitors, cleared the cookies and found thank goodness I could access his real site again: http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=618373

Update: I wrote the above last week and held off posting because I wanted to see if I'd receive something from Stephen Pierce that would show whether the monthly cd series was (still?) endorsed by him. It is only now, several weeks later, that I have first seen mention of the monthly audios so I was wrong. I would point out to all those scare mongerers though that I'm glad I didn't listen to them. I'm very glad I got the Attraction Accelerator. I've definitely noticed how much easier it is for me now to visualize what I want or - everything is so much more detailed, moving and in color and is so much less effort too.

Before I thought "oh, I guess I'm just not a visual person". I'm quite strong in the other areas, particularly AD and kinesthetic and I've always had to work at visualizing. Now I just pop on Attractor Activator on my ipod for 30 mins before I go to sleep and let my subconscious be retrained.

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