Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Stephen Pierce - Do Not Quit on You (Freebie)

Hi Yuri & thanks for your feedback

I'm very happy to keep you posted with my testing of Stephen Pierce's Attraction Accelerator. At the end please see the link for REAL
CONTENT from Stephen Pierce - it's motivational, not internet
marketing so it's great for everyone.

Day 2 of using Attraction Accelerator & Attraction Activator and I'm
a little tired but noticing lots of shifts. Lately I'd noticed
myself worrying quite a bit & was relying on willpower to change my
focus, sometimes not all that successfully. Now something has
definitely shifted. I'm still aware of the weeds in my garden but
I'm no longer worrying. YAY! I still want to experiment with this
for a whole week though.

And another thing... When I first listened to the MP3s - especially
the Activator, I felt strangely disorientated and almost nauseaus.
That has now gone.

If you are interested in doing this experiment with me (it costs
only $30)
you can get it at OptiMINDzation Attraction Accelerator


PS Yuri, because you've been a bit disappointed with lack of content from Stephen,
I thought you might like this... it's a report by Stephen "DO NOT
QUIT ON YOU" - I found it very timely after just coming away
from a course. (There's no upsell- it's a gift & I have permission
to share it with friends.)

Stephen Pierce - Do Not Quit On You!

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